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  • Clever Tots Christmas Party

    Clever Tots Christmas Party

  • One-stop service

    The MoD has announced that the Covenant Fund will work with The RBL and other charities to set up a one-stop service to better support the UK’s Armed Forces veterans community. 

    The £2 million Veterans Gateway programme will help veterans find and access advice and support on a broad range of issues, including healthcare and housing

     The new service will provide a 24/7 phone number, with an empathetic and professional voice at the end of the line, a dedicated website and a mobile app to make it easier for former Service personnel to access support on a range of issues including housing, employability and health.

    It will give veterans, regardless of age or location, a simple point of contact to turn to for advice and help in accessing an array of public, private and charitable services which are out there

  • 1 man, 1 bottle, €44,362.75 refund

    A Köln drinks vendor modified a bottle-recycling machine to swindle tens of thousands of euros from the recycling system, a court learned last week.

    The man was sentenced by a Köln court to 10 months in prison after he was convicted of professional deception.

    The 37-year-old drinks salesman manipulated a bottle-recycling machine in the cellar of his drinks shop by installing a magnet sensor and a kind of wooden tunnel into the machine.

  • Merkel to seek fourth term as chancellor

    Another four-year term would bring Merkel level with the postwar record set by Helmut KohlAngela Merkel, who has steered Germany through several global crises as its first woman leader, says she will seek a fourth term as chancellor in general elections next year.

    Speaking after a meeting with high-ranking members of her centre-right party, Merkel told reporters on Sunday that “I literally thought about this decision endlessly ... but I am ready to run for office again”.

    If the 62-year-old wins next year and serves the entire four-year term, she would match her one-time mentor Helmut Kohl’s post-war record of 16 years in office.


  • Avian flu spreading

    The ministry for agriculture in the northern state of Schleswig-Holstein has ordered 8,800 geese on two poultry farms to be killed after some of the animals were found to be infected with avian flu.

    On its website, the ministry said that so far only a low pathogenic strain of H5 avian influenza virus had been detected at one location holding 1,800 geese.

    It said analyses were being carried out to determine whether the high pathogenic strain H5N8 was also present.

  • Woman in coma after man drags her behind car on rope

    A man has been detained by police in northern Germany after he stabbed and then tied a rope around a young woman’s neck and dragged her down the street behind his car.

    The small town of Hameln in Lower Saxony has been left in a state of shock after the crime, which occurred on Sunday evening.

     “The brutality and contempt with which this crime was carried out is horrifying. Everyone in the town is shocked,” said town spokesperson Thomas Wahmes.

  • Germany News in Brief - November 24, 2016

    Murder fugitive detained in Spain

    MADRID – Spanish police have arrested a German fugitive suspected of slitting his girlfriend’s throat, and have safely recovered the couple’s 18-month-old toddler.

    Officers arrested the man at a block of flats in Lloret de Mar where he was hiding with the baby boy, police said in a statement. He had been on the run since German police found the body of his 20-year-old girlfriend inside plastic rubbish bags at the couple’s flat in Freyung, Bavaria, at the end of October.

    Police said the man recently got a tattoo on his upper arm with the name of his deceased girlfriend, her birthday as well the suspected date of her murder – 27/10/2016 – beside a cross and the words “Thank you for everything” in Spanish.

    Spanish police said they began looking for the man after they were alerted by their German counterparts that he may have fled to Spain as he made his way to North Africa.

    The man is suspected of having used his girlfriend’s mobile phone after he killed her to update her Facebook and other social media profiles to try to throw off investigators.

    Police took the toddler to a juvenile welfare home where he will be looked after until German social services staff arrive in Spain to pick him up.


  • Fun and games at Home-Start Gütersloh

    To infinity and beyond! Children taking part in the Home-Start’s week of half-term activities which included a Toy Story day add the finishing touches to their rocketsHome-Start Gütersloh arranged lots of fun half-term events for the station’s children last month.

    It was an opportunity for families to come together to take part in the Finding Dory Hunt, a Toy Story Day and a Halloween Party. 

  • Spicing up school time at JBS

    Students from JBS cook up a culinary feast of curries with the chefs from Tandoori Delights

    Ready for service: The junior chefs from John Buchan School proudly present the multitude of dishes they have preparedThe aroma of spices teased the senses as many junior chefs scurried about the kitchen tasting their curry and kneading their naan breads.

    You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d just walked into filming for Junior Masterchef.  In reality, this kitchen is in John Buchan School.

    Students from Year 8 have been working on their catering skills and the kitchen team from Tandoori Delights in Paderborn came in to give them some expert hints and tips.

  • Deadline for documentation – Paderborn LVLO

    Due to the upgrade of several databases, the Local Vehicle Licensing Office (VLO) Paderborn will be unable to process applications for vehicle licensing, customs and immigration, ID cards or dog registration over the period December 12–14 inclusive.

    With the Christmas standdown period the last date the VLO will be able to process applications is December 9. 

     As a result and to avoid any administration problems you are encouraged to ensure you allow sufficient time to have processes completed no later than December 9.

     If you are unsure of required processes or time lines to adhere too, please contact the VLO on 05254 982 2638 or Mil 79 2638.

    (Please note: The LVLO office will be closed from noon on Wednesday, December 14 until 9am on Tuesday, January 3, 2017.)