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  • 1 million Germans are victims of phone scams

    Telephone scams often begin with a call from a young person claiming to be a relative in need of financial helpThe Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA) has warned that phone scams directed against the elderly are becoming more and more popular in Germany. 

    One million Germans have been robbed of €117 million through telephone scams since 2008, the BKA reports.

    Recently there has been a surge of ‘grandchild ploys’ targeting old people who live by themselves.

    They will receive a telephone call from a young person saying “Hey grandma, it’s me!” and go on to convince their victim that they are a close relative in need of urgent financial help.

    Although this type of fraudulent call has been claiming victims for a long time, it is still very successful.

  • Germany News in Brief - June 30, 2016

    Ex-Auschwitz guard convicted

    DETMOLD – A 94-year-old former Auschwitz guard has been sentenced to jail by a judge who branded him a “willing and efficient henchman” in the Holocaust.

    Reinhold Hanning, from Detmold, was convicted of being an accessory to the murder of at least 170,000 people at the concentration camp in Nazi-occupied Poland.

    Hanning’s lawyer, Johannes Salmen, said they would appeal. “I assume he will not be fit for a custodial sentence. That means he will not have to go to jail.”

    Besides Hanning, one other man and one woman in their 90s are accused of being accessories to the mass murder at Auschwitz. 

    A third man who was a member of the Nazi SS guard team at Auschwitz died at the age of 93 in April, days before his trial was due to start.

  • GOC touches base with 20X

    The GOC is met by 5 RIFLES buglers and an Honour GuardThe GOC 3rd (UK) Div, Maj Gen Patrick Sanders, recently made a two-day trip to visit HQ 20 Armoured Infantry Brigade and its units and also also took the opportunity to call in to HQ BFG. 

    Gen Sanders commanded 20th Armoured Brigade in 2009–2012 and then Afghanistan as Task Force Helmand 2011–2012 and said he was delighted to be back in Germany.

    The GOC is briefed at the Goldrun training area on 1 AMR’s preparation for its role in Prairie Storm 3 later this yearDuring his stay he received briefings from both Comd 20 AI Bde, Brig Ian Mortimer and Comd BFG, Brig Ian Bell on subjects involving the training preparations for NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF), the role of which 20 AI Bde assume in January next year. Also discussed was rebasing, including 5 RIFLES’ impending move from Paderborn back to the Bulford area.

  • News UK cease supply of daily newspapers to BFG

    Due to the high transport costs from their printers in Belgium, News UK will cease their supply of daily newspapers to BFG.

    NAAFI’s Head of Operations, John Goddard, said: “We are disappointed that News UK has taken this course of action but it is not a surprise to us. Unfortunately, despite an initial increase in the number of newspapers sold, this quickly reduced and the numbers are not sufficient to make it economically viable for News UK to continue supplying to BFG.”

    John added: “We have been informed by News UK that the last edition will be delivered on 10th July and following that NAAFI will no longer sell daily newspapers in BFG; we have exhausted all possible supply options”.

    The Sun is available free on-line and The Times/Sunday Times digital version is available from £1 per week for an introductory period of 12 weeks.

  • Keeping your child safe from drowning

    Water safety for childrenYoung children can be fascinated by water, and swimming is great for a child’s health and fitness. 

    Here are some tips to make sure that their time in the water is fun and safe.  

    Did you know?

    Babies and toddlers drown silently and can drown in as little as 5cm of water. Even rainwater collecting in a bucket can be a danger for a small child.

    Most drownings involving two to three-year-olds happen in the home and garden.

    A wind blowing off the land makes the sea look flat and calm but it can sweep airbeds or inflatable toys out to sea dangerously quickly.

    Young children can also drown in swimming pools. In the last six years, 30 children under 10 have drowned in a hotel or villa pool abroad. This usually happens when they wander away from their parents and fall into the pool.

  • Biking for Blesma

    Bike for BlesmaThere was a great response for the Bike Ride-out in aid of Blesma which took place on May 1.

    Forty-seven bikers rode from Bielefeld NAAFI to Sennelager NAAFI Max and raised €667 for the charity which helps limbless veterans lead independent and fulfilling lives.

    The money came from riders’ donations and via Justgiving. 

    The ride-out was organised by Kev Teesdale of the Dog Section, Catterick Barracks in Bielefeld, and Stu White. 

    Netty at BlesmaAnnette Teesdale was in charge of administration and the safety car on the day.

    A great day was had by all with fantastic weather and great new friendships being made along the way.

  • Moving moment

    King’s School Prime Minister Adam Fedden, read aloud his own poem at the class of 2016 NRA ceremonyKing’s School said  final goodbye and good luck to its Year 11 students once again in their annual National Record of Achievement (NRA) ceremony on Friday June 10.

    At the end of a fantastic event, school Prime Minister Adam Fedden, read aloud his own poem to the audience of students, parents, teachers and colleagues from DCYP, reducing many to tears with his warm words. 

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  • Friendly Flocke: Euro 2016’s top-tipster

    Flocke the penguinWith most of the continent caught up in Euro 2016 fever and some rank outsiders going through to the next round, one unusual fan is tipping the correct winners again and again.

    Flocke – a penguin at the Spreewelten baths in Lübbenau, Brandenburg – is making his name as a psychic after a streak of correct football predictions.

    With the group stages now concluded, it’s still early days at this year’s UEFA Euro 2016 football tournament, but not all the excitement is on the pitch.

    In addition to spending a lot of his time swimming with his family, Flocke also makes football predictions.

  • Telekom warns users to change passwords after scam

    Telekom warningDeutsche Telekom is warning customers to change their passwords after finding that up to 120,000 customers’ data was being sold on the black market.

    Telekom stated in an announcement on Monday that customers should immediately change their passwords after finding evidence that the account information for between 64,000 and 120,000 customers was being sold on the black market.

    Specifically, the T-Online email addresses and passwords that customers use to log in to their accounts online were being sold by dozens of companies in the “darknet” and the data was “at least partially real and current”, according to the company.