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  • On Course for the Future

    HUNDREDS of BFG employees have taken advantage of the German employment scheme, with the help of Locally Employed Civilian Support Services and the Agentur für Arbeit (AfA)

    Last week the LEC Sp Svcs demonstrated how far they had come with the scheme since it started in 2010, when HQ BFG decided to take action in advance to improve the opportunities available for employees upon the closure of military bases in Germany.

  • Germany voted ‘best country ever’

    Germany may not be ‘fun’ or ‘sexy’, but it’s still considered the best country in the world, according to a worldwide public opinion poll.

    Germany was ranked the overall best country in the world, according to the rankings released by US News & World Report on January 20.

    The rankings report praised Germany for its support of entrepreneurs, growing role as a global leader and high quality of life, among other factors.

  • Germany News in Brief - January 28, 2016

    New Year assaults in 12 states

    KÖLN – Police have found that the wave of sexual assaults and robberies on New Year’s Eve not only happened in Köln but that similar incidents also took place in 12 of Germany’s regional states, local media reported on Saturday.

    The daily Süddeutsche Zeitung said on its website: “The phenomenon of sexual violence, in part linked with robberies, is much greater than we previously thought,” adding that the regional states were affected to different degrees.

    The worst affected state was North Rhine-Westphalia, which includes Köln, where some 1,000 complaints have been filed, followed by Hamburg with 200. In other states the number of reported incidents was lower: Hesse (31 complaints); Bavaria (27), Baden-Wurtlemberg (25), Bremen (11) and Berlin (6).

    One case was reported in each of Lower-Saxony, Brandeburg, Saxony, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland.

    Like Köln the target of the assaults were women in almost all cases. According to witnesses, the aggressors were mostly young men of foreign origin, between 17 and 30 years old.

  • 'A very symbolic move'

    Exhibition of Jewish artists’ Holocaust works opens in Berlin 

    Chancellor Angela Merkel with Holocaust survivor, Nelly Toll, the only artist represented in the show who is still alive. Toll said: “I made 60 paintings while in hiding and all of them express happinessGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the biggest exhibition of Holocaust art outside Israel in Berlin on Monday, after pledging to take concerns about rising anti-Semitism seriously.

    The Art from the Holocaust show features 100 works from Yad Vashem, Israel’s official Holocaust memorial centre, which were created by Jewish inmates at concentration camps, labour camps and ghettos during the Nazi time.

    Of the 50 artists featured in the exhibition, 24 were killed by the Nazis.

    “The million of individual stories during the Shoah remain deeply rooted in our national conscience,” Merkel said at the opening of the show at the German Historical Museum, referring to the Hebrew word for the Holocaust.

  • Vigilante groups intercepted in Bielefeld

    A vigilante group comprising 68 “rockers, bouncers and hooligans” was intercepted in Bielefeld’s old town centre by German police last weekend.

    The crowd were on their way to the Bahnhof area when they were stopped near the Jahnplatz by officers, who detained, controlled and finally dispersed the gathering.

    Some 18 people in the group, which had not registered the meeting with the authorities, lived locally, and the rest had travelled to the city from all areas of the country.

  • First-ever German Anne Frank movie to premiere at Berlinale film fest

    Anne Frank's diaryThe first German feature-length biopic on the Jewish teenage diarist Anne Frank will premiere next month at the 66th Berlin film festival, organisers said on Friday.

    Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank (The Diary of Anne Frank) will be screened in the Generation section of the Berlinale, the first major film festival of the year in Europe.

    “This film adaptation of the eponymous historical testimony that moved the world primarily depicts the period of time that Anne spent in her family’s hiding place... in Amsterdam,” the festival said in a statement.

  • Civil Service pensions

    Civil Service Pensions published two new guides on January 11, 2016: “You have joined the Civil Service Pension scheme – what happens now?” and “How can I take control of my retirement – by building up added pension?” 

    Visit CSP Quick-Start website ( to view these guides and for more information on the series.

  • Attention all owners of Vauxhall Zafira B 2005 to 2014 models

    Vauxhall UK would like to make owners of Vauxhall Zafira B 2005 to 20014 models aware of a condition which could affect your vehicle.  

    Investigations have found evidence of improper repair of the blower motor resistor and its thermal fuse, which is designed to protect the blower motor system.  

    This can lead to overheating of the heater systems electrical components and the potential for a fire. 

    If you own or drive a Zafira B 2005 to 2014 model, please contact either of the two Opel Authorised Repairer Centres, which have been identified and briefed to arrange for the remedial work to be carried out.

    Opel Gütersloh – Knemeyer,
    http://opel-knemeyer-<br< a="" style="">>

    Opel Sennelager – Bauer Bickmeier, http://www.opel-

  • BFG advisory note – Reporting suspicious activity

    As members of the BFG community you will be aware that recently there have been a few incidents which have raised concerns regarding security.

    Although there has been no need to increase the robust security measures currently in place, you can help in keeping our community safe by reporting suspicious incidents or activity, however insignificant it may seem at the time.

    By reporting your concerns, we can use the information received to inform and ensure that appropriate measures are put in place to protect our community should it be necessary.  

  • Sign up today for BFG text messages

    Ensure that you are well informed of all issues affecting life in BFG and sign up to the BFG text messaging serviceBFG has launched a new text messaging service to send critical information to the community.

    Users will receive instant notifications on areas such as security, weather and travel disruptions that may affect their area.

    Although BFG currently communicates using a range of methods, most of these require individuals to seek out information. Text messaging is a simple, effective and quick way of sending the whole community time critical information as it arises.

    This complements other official BFG channels to ensure that you are well informed of all issues affecting life in BFG.