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  • German Cultural Awareness Day – September 14, 2016


  • Cinelink in September – Bielefeld

    The following films will be showing at the Bielefeld Cinema Club, Community Multipurpose Room, Block 26c, Catterick Barracks in September:

    September 4, 3.30pm – Finding Dory (U). Stars: Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres

    September 11, 6.30pm – Suicide Squad (15). Stars: Jared Leto, Will Smith

    September 18, 6.30pm – Jason Bourne (12A). Stars: Matt Damon, Alicia Vikander

    September 25, 6.30pm – Star Trek: Beyond (12A). Stars: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto

    October 2, 3.30pm – Pete’s Dragon (PG). Stars: Bryce Dallas Joward, Robert Redford

    More information at:

    Brought to you exclusively by SSVC

  • Dodgy diet pills: Dying to lose weight?

    Beware of the dangers of buying dodgy diet pills onlineA campaign has been launched aimed at young adults warning of the dangers of buying dodgy diet pills online.

    FakeMeds aims to warn would-be slimmers against paying for dangerous or useless products sold by illegal online suppliers.

    Thousands of pills and potions promising miracle results are bought over the summer months as holidaymakers look for shortcuts to beach-ready bodies – with women aged 18-30 most likely to buy.

    After handing over bank details, many receive bottles of tablets packed with dangerous or useless ingredients. Nasty side effects can include heart attacks, strokes – and in extreme cases, death.

  • Want to learn new skills or start a new hobby? You can with 41 AEC

    41 AEC have put together a programme of courses which will be offered for the autumn term, starting this month. Sign up next week and broaden your horizons.


    To enrol either call into Paderborn AEC or go along to one of the enrolment sessions:

    Tuesday, September 6, 10am–2pm, JB’s Bielefeld Station

    Wednesday, September 7, 10am–2pm, Paderborn Community Hub/NAAFI MAX

    Thursday, September 8, 10am–2pm, JB’s Barker Bks

    Friday, September 9, 10am–1.30pm, JB’s Mansergh Bks

    All courses are free for serving military personnel. On completion of the course, all dependants are entitled to a 25% refund on their course fees (receipts required) for all PCDL courses.

  • Boarding school and university students

    Congratulations and well done to those of you who have recently received your exam results!

    Below is a short list of things that first time boarding school and university students may wish to think about before leaving British Forces Germany (BFG).

    The below is aimed specifically at entitled dependant children under 25 years of age.

  • QRH Coffee Mornings – Car Wash

    QRH Coffee Mornings Car Wash

  • Sole survivor

    Proud artisan – Cobbler Tony Northern who now works from home offering a soft wax service by handSeasoned shoemaker Tony Northern took a shining to the art of cobbling decades ago.

    Indeed, the septuagenarian and former soldier knows everything about getting boots, shoes and belts to look their brightest for parades.

    After serving the Forces community in Germany for 33 years as the Garrison Cobbler, Tony has recently moved his business to his home in Borchen, a 40-minute drive from Paderborn.

  • Summer in the city

    Enjoy the view at km 689 Beach Club in KölnFor a late summer mini-break, why not enjoy big city life from a leisurely new perspective on one of Germany’s urban beaches?

    Germany’s cities don’t just boast countless attractions and exciting nightlife, they also offer pure, unadulterated relaxation. 

    On top of a building high above the city’s rooftops, or on a riverbank or lake shore, you’ll discover perfect places to chill out and where you can still enjoy life’s little luxuries. 

  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for...

    Rob Miller mans the BFBS ice cream van with happy customer BeckyTuttleThere are not many jobs where you are guaranteed to have every customer smile at you; however running the BFBS ice-cream van must be one of those jobs.

    Chris Pratt, BFBS Ice-Cream ops, initially got involved in running the ice-cream van back in 2010, after BFBS’s Nicky Ness spoke to him about a new initiative.

    Whitby Morrison, Europe’s leading soft ice-cream van manufacturer, were looking for a new charity to donate a van to for their annual campaign. 

  • Veterans find sea-renity

    Veterans taking part in the official expedition, Turn to Starboard Round Britain Challenge, have successfully completed the adventure with a day to spare. 

    The three-strong fleet spent just short of two months sailing around Britain
    In early June, a team of 38 veterans challenged their minds and bodies by sailing 2,000 miles around the British Isles, a feat they completed ahead of the two month schedule.

  • Back to black-smithing

    The Cenotaph will consist of three elements and will be installed adjacent to the German War Cemetery in Langemark-Poelkapelle in BelgiumMore than eight million horses were involved in the First World War – but do you have any idea how many blacksmiths and farriers used their skills during the conflict? 

    You may be surprised to hear that an estimated 3,000 blacksmiths and farriers from all sides played an essential role in supporting the war effort, from repairing and maintaining equipment to shoeing millions of horses. Their contribution is perhaps little known. 

  • AWS registration days

    AWS registration days, Bielefeld

    AWS Bielefeld will be registering young people for Bielefeld Youth Centre on the following dates:

    Tuesday, August 30: 9.30am–11.30am

    Wednesday, August 31: 9.30–11.30am

    Thursday, September 1: 9.30–11.30am

    Friday, September 2, 09:30–11.30am

    Tuesday, September 6: 9.30am–11.30am

    Wednesday, September 7: 9.30am–11.30am

    Thursday, September 8: 9.30am–11.30am

    Young people attending Bielefeld Youth Centre sessions must be registered with Bielefeld Station Community Support bus escort supervisor to access transport. 

    Registration forms can be collected from: AWS Office, Building 8, Catterick Barracks, Bielefeld. Parents can also bring their child to AWS sessions to register their child/children after this date.

    Young people not registered when sessions start on Monday, September 12 will not be given access to either transport or the youth centre.

    AWS registration days, Gütersloh

    AWS is registering young people for after school and youth clubs on specific days this month. 

    Registration forms can be completed at the Youth Centre on the top floor of Building 19 on Mansergh Barracks, opposite King’s School.

    Registration days and times are:

    Thursday, August 25: 10am–1pm

    Saturday, August 27: 10am–1pm

    Tuesday, August 30: 5pm–7pm

    Registered children will be added to the AWS nominal role.

    Parents can also bring their children along on any club night and complete forms on site.

    Those who are unregistered when clubs start again on September 12 will be unable to attend and will not be granted access to buses.  

  • HIVE bids fond farewell to four team members

    Members of HIVE in Westfalen Garrison met for a training day and to say goodbye and good luck for the future to four stalwarts of the team: Natalie Walker, Rachael Scarborough, Stefanie Potter and Jennie WoodhallMembers of HIVE in Westfalen Garrison met for a training day and to say thank you and farewell to four members of staff who have been prominent in BFG for a combined total 11 years. 

    The compact training day included talks from Customs and Immigration, the Foreign and Commonwealth expert and an update on the progression of the new BFGnet and was attended by Nikki Peterson, Head of Army HIVE (pictured front row, third from left).

  • Paint that great!

    Children at the Krafty Kids session had fun creating new and colourful designs for T-shirts using stencils, pens and paintsHome-Start Bielefeld recently hosted a T-shirt painting session as part of their Krafty Kids session.

    The youngsters had lots of fun decorating and adding colour to plain white T-shirts.  

    Home-Start Bielefeld have been entertaining children throughout the summer holidays.

    The last of the summer holiday events takes place on August 30 as Home-Start stage a water play session.

    For more information pop into Home-Start Bielefeld or call 0521 9254 3121.

  • Britons advised to be #PassportAware on holiday

    More than 21,000 British passports were stolen or lost last yearWith more than 21,000 British passports lost or stolen last year, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) is urging British nationals abroad to be #PassportAware and keep their passport safe from thieves with the return of their Passport Hustle campaign

    With summer now in full swing, many Britons are jetting off on their holidays. According to TripAdvisor, Europe is the hot destination. Majorca is number one for Britons, followed by Tenerife and Ibiza respectively, while Crete and Lanzarote come in fourth and fifth place.

    Most holidaymakers enjoy trouble-free trips. However valuable holiday time and money can be lost if a passport is lost or stolen as the victim may need to report the theft to the police, as well as spend time at the local consulate or embassy so that they can be issued with an emergency travel document (ETD). 

  • Britons in Westphalia online

    The project ‘Britons in Westphalia’, launched by Stadt Paderborn, now has got its own website, reports the German press.

    Interested citizens can find information about the project and the exhibition on In this way the project is accessible to the public.

    “By means of a website a wider distribution within Westphalia will be possible,” said a clearly happy project manager, Dr Bettina Blum. 

    An archive recording British-German relations at a regional level is also to be found on the site. 

  • Captured on camera

    To mark 70 years since the founding of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, photoartist Horst Wackerbarth has captured 100 images people from all walks of life in all manners of situations – and always with a red sofa.

    One of the portraits in his exhibition which opens in the Düsseldorf Landtag and NRW-Forum next month is of soldiers from 1st Battalion The Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment.

  • Germany News in Brief - August 25, 2016

    Germany sends weapons to Kurds

    BERLIN – The German army has delivered a huge shipment of weapons to Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in Iraq after Germany broke off supplies earlier in the year.

    Around 70 tonnes of German weaponry – including 1,500 G36 assault rifles – arrived in Erbil last week, the capital of the autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported based on information from the defence ministry.

    The shipment also included 100 anti-tank missiles and three armoured vehicles.

    Deliveries were halted after broadcaster NDR reported in January that German weapons were being sold in gun markets in Erbil and other cities.

    The initial weapons shipment itself was controversial in Germany as it was the first time the government had supplied weaponry to an active war zone.

    An investigation by the Kurdish government came to the conclusion that, of the 28,000 weapons Germany had delivered to the Peshmerga, the Kurdish autonomous region’s military force, only 30 had been sold off illegally, the SZ reports.

    Kurdish authorities have further pledged that none of the newly delivered weapons will find their way onto the open market.

  • The big NRW party, Düsseldorf, August 26-28

    GN NRWlogoAs part of the celebrations marking 70 years of North Rhine-Westphalia, the state capital of Düsseldorf is throwing a huge party in the city this weekend, August 26–28.

    An extensive programme of entertainment is in store for you from August 26–28 with 16 stages and around 400 activity areas and tents on both banks of the Rhine. One million visitors are expected to be there.

    The show, Forever Young, arranged by Dieter Falk, will open the musical programme on Friday evening on the main stage on Burgplatz.

    This will be followed by a rich mix of music with around 220 performances, the spectrum ranging from lay choirs and school bands to rock and big bands to female opera singers and the Düsseldorf Symphony Orchestra.

    Highlights include rock band Jupiter Jones and dancehall-reggae-hip hoppers, Culcha Candela.

    ‘Have a hug’ is the motto for this year’s NRW Day, marking 70 years since the birth of the state. Pictured are Ministerpräsidentin Hannelore Kraft und mayor of Düsseldorf, Thomas GeiselOn the left bank of the river between the Oberkassel and Rheinknie bridges there will be a large activity area which will include the Olympic Adventure Camp, the World Children’s Day and a ‘Blaulichtmeile’ where visitors can watch displays by emergeny service teams.

    In addition, the German army, air force and navy will be showing where and how they are deployed.

    The Gourmet Festival will be the culinary highlight on Königsallee, transforming the avenue into one long platter of choice delicatessen foods and unusual tasty treats.

    The two-hour ‘Operation Marriage’ city tour will be taking place on all three days at 11am, 2pm and 4pm, tracking  the historical roots of the state of NRW. The meeting point is Heinrich-Heine-Allee 16a, in front of the Opera House.

    The festival will end on Sunday night with an open-air concert by the Deutsche Oper am Rhein on Burgplatz.

    For the full programme of events go to

  • Stately award

    NRW presents 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade with the Landesfahnenband – the state’s highest military honour

    Prince William speaks to Capt Ian Wicks 1 PWRR with, from left, Brig Michael Elviss, Commander 20 Armd Inf Bde; Hannelore Kraft, Minister President of NRW; and  Brig Ian Bell, Commander BFGThe Duke of Cambridge, Prince William, watched the Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia award the prestigious state Fahnenband (honour ribbon) to 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade on Tuesday (August 23).

    Forming part of North Rhine-Westphalia’s celebrations on the its service and contribution to the defence of Germany during the Cold War, for good causes, being good neighbours and encouraging cultural links in North Rhine-Westphalia.

    Hannelore Kraft, the Minister President, was joined by a range of senior politicians, local dignitaries and military representatives – not least the soldiers and their families from 20 Armd Inf Bde.

  • Corporal trolls out children's book

    Soldier Cpl Peter Wylie has had his second children’s book published which is now for sale in a variety of bookshopsIn the modern age, trolls can be found sowing discord on the Internet, but for soldier and children’s author Peter Wylie, they are tiny creatures who live for adventure and fear us humans.

    Elgin The Little Troll has just been released on Amazon after the Corporal was spurred on by the success of his first book, Chem Cloud, which teaches children about the environment.

    Peter, who has served with the Army for 19 years and lives in Gütersloh, took three months to write his latest book.  

    He said: “My publisher loved this book and decided to publish it too, although it has taken a year to have it ready.”

  • Unit welfare staff course – October

    The Unit Welfare Staff Course will be held on Tuesday/Wednesday, October 11/12 in Building 85 on Normandy Barracks, Sennelager.

    The course is designed for anyone working within a welfare environment that has not attended the UWO course. 

    Day one will be delivered by a guest speaker from the UK, and day two, which will finish at lunchtime, will be BFG specific and will include briefings from supporting agencies.

    Nominations should be sent to the AWS Group Mailbox: and addressed to Ellie Moreton.

    There is no limit on attendees.

  • Wolves return to BFG

    The coaches of Wolverhampton Wanderers FC were back in BFG last week improving the football skills of young people in the local community.

    Mitchell and Josh watch on
    Organised by the Army Welfare Support,  Wolverhampton Wanderers coaches Josh Darlington and Mitchell Clarke spent four days with more than 20 children from the Westfalen Garrison area improving their football skills.

  • And they’re off

    Serving personnel and veterans from the Royal Navy, Army and RAF were joined by civilians from all walks of life at the home of the Royal Navy for the start of Rally for Heroes – an epic eight-day adventure in memory of those killed in Afghanistan aimed at raising £100,000 for SSAFA the Armed Forces charity.

    120 people in 60 cars set off on this year’s Rally for HeroesEx-RAF Pilot, England Rugby veteran and SSAFA supporter Rory Underwood was joined by Rear Admiral Simon Williams, Naval Secretary, to drop the flag in front of HMS Victory at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, signalling the start of an epic eight-day adventure. 

  • A summer to remember

    A fun packed summer for Bielefeld children at Camp AdventureBielefeld children gathered with excitement last Friday to show parents and families what they had been up to at Camp Adventure, during the end of week assembly, Camping Presents.

    The children excitedly said “everything” when asked what they liked best about the week and loved showcasing their week’s work to their family.

  • Bielefeld: Street Food Market, August 19

    The Street Food Market and Wine Festival takes place at the Ringlokschuppen in Bielefeld today, August 19, from 4pm to 11pm.

    In addition to numerous dishes from different countries you can taste wines from various  regions. Admission to the Street Food Market is free. Bringing food and beverages are not allowed.

    Location: Ringlokschuppen, Stadtheider Str 11, 33609 Bielefeld

  • Been coughing for 3 weeks?

    First national Be Clear on Cancer campaign to raise awareness of symptoms of lung cancer, lung disease and heart disease runs until October

    Be Clear on CancerAround 1.7 million people could be living with undiagnosed lung cancer, lung disease or heart disease, all leading causes of death in England.

    Public Health England (PHE) has launched a new nationwide Be Clear on Cancer campaign to raise awareness of the symptoms of lung cancer, other lung disease, and heart disease; all leading causes of death in England.

    It is estimated that there are:

    • 80,000 undiagnosed cases of lung cancer
    • one million cases of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a common form of lung disease that includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis)
    • 600,000 undiagnosed cases of coronary heart disease.

    These diseases are all leading causes of death in England. Lung cancer is the biggest cancer killer, accounting for around 28,400 deaths each year, while COPD is the cause of a further 24,000 deaths.

  • CNO & CVO training

    The dates for the next CNO and CVO training are as follows:

    September 27, 10am–2pm, CNO training, Conf Rm 1, Bldg 85, Normandy Bks, Sennelager

    October 11–13, CVO training, Church House, Lübbecke

    Spaces on either course can be requested by submitting an application form to, application forms can also be requested via this mailbox. (Those attending the CVO course must already be CNO qualified, this is no longer covered on the CVO course.)

    The closing date for bids is Friday, September 9.

  • Safeguarding Level 2 course

    Safeguarding Level 2

  • Pawfect pals

    A home for Rubio: Flight attendant adopts stray dog after he waited outside her hotel for six months

    Rubio waited outside Olivia Sievers’ hotel every night;  even when she tried altering her route to avoid him, he would show up!In a heartwarming tale of puppy love, a flight attendant from Hameln, North Rhine-Westphalia, has adopted a stray dog who became devoted to her when she was kind to him in Argentina. 

    Olivia came across the dog she named Rubio earlier this year while she was walking around Buenos Aires near her hotel. 

    She stopped to play with him and gave him some food, and that small act of kindness sparked a devotion in Rubio that would melt even the hardest heart.

    Rubio followed her back to her hotel after that and slept outside its doors every evening.

    Olivia gave him an airline blanket to keep him warm at night, and every time she returned to Buenos Aires over the next six months, the devoted dog would be there waiting for her outside the hotel.

  • Beer record smashed

    Top of the hops: world record holder, Oliver Strümpfel

    Oliver Strümpfel from Germany successfully broke the record for the most beer steins carried over 40m (male) on the set of Lo Show dei Record in Milan, with a staggering 24 pints – bettering his previous record by three steins.

    Each glass contained one full litre of beer and the steady-handed barman made sure that there was no spillage at all by the end of the 40m course.

    Oliver says that he has to go to the gym to train for his stein carrying world record attempts.

    Since then, Oliver has carried 25 beer steins over a pre-measured 40m course on the set of the entertainment show ZDF Fernsehgarten in Mainz.

    Lo Show dei Record is a weekly television series that features the most astonishing, shocking and awe-inspiring record attempts to create a Guinness World Record.

  • (Bureau)crazy for the app

    BureaucrazyImagine filling out a pile of forms in a language you can’t understand. After struggling with this problem, six refugees from Syria are designing an app to help others navigate German bureaucracy.

    It is not only refugees and immigrants who struggle with Germany’s infamous bureaucracy; many Germans who are familiar with the country’s language and laws also have a hard time understanding ‘officialese.’

    When Munzer Khattab, Ghaith Zamrik, Omar Alshafai, Yazan Salmo, Mohamad Khattab and Ahmad Alarashi first came to Germany as refugees, they were asked to sign countless documents in German only a few of which had been translated into their native Arabic.

  • Work to 69: Bundesbank suggests raising retirement age

    Germany’s federal bank is arguing that the country’s retirement age should ultimately be raised another two years to 69, a call that received a frosty response from the government.

    The government decided a decade ago to raise the retirement age from 65 to 67 and the increase is being introduced gradually and will apply to all retirees by 2029.

    In its monthly report on August 15, the Bundesbank said consideration should be given to raising the retirement age to around 69 by 2060 to make sure the pension system is viable as the population ages.

    Chancellor Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert, said that the government “stands by retirement at 67.”

    The Bundesbank said that demographic trends show that the average age in German society will continue to rise, which will put greater stress on the pension system, and that the government should be accounting for the anticipated change now.

    “In order for pension plans to reflect long term trends, official projections should go past the year 2030,” the bank stated.

  • Germany News in Brief - August 18, 2016

    Lock flaw on 100m cars worldwide

    BOCHUM – Researchers from the University of Birmingham and German engineering firm Kasper & Oswald have found that 100 million cars worldwide from 15 different manufacturers have a security flaw in their remote control keys that proves to be a “significant vulnerability,” according to reports by Süddeutsche Zeitung, NDR and WDR.

    The keyless fobs send signals to the cars, but the researchers found that hackers can intercept these signals using relatively cheap radio equipment, and then clone the keys for themselves.

    Almost all VW cars sold since 1995 have this security flaw but also vehicles from subsidiaries like Audi, Seat and Skoda are on the list of vulnerable cars.

    Other brands with models affected by the problem include Citroen, Peugeot and Renault, Fiat, Opel, Nissan and Ford.

  • Paderborn United FC

    PUFC is looking for new talent

  • GATS cancellation / Low cost flights

    Cancellation of Germany Air Transport Service (GATS) - August 28

    The flight due to support the GATS service on August 28 has been cancelled. Passengers planning to travel on this service will be rebooked onto an alternative flight, by the Bielefeld Travel Centre (BTC). Unit Movement Clerks are to ensure that personnel travelling on this service are fully briefed with revised flight details and any hire vehicle bookings have been amended on receipt of travel itinerary from the BTC. Personnel affected should contact their Unit Movement Clerks asap for further guidance.


    Low cost flights available with indulgence passage

    Indulgence Flights – What are they?

    ‘Indulgence Passage’ is a facility whereby military, dependants and MoD sponsored civilians may take advantage of low cost flights between Paderborn and Birmingham.

    Flights are only made available should a seat remain free on a Germany Air Trooping Service (GATS) flight.

  • Zombie knife sale ban

    A ban on the sale, importation and manufacture of zombie knives comes into effect across England and Wales on August 18.A ban on the sale, importation and manufacture of zombie knives comes into effect across England and Wales today, August 18.

    The amendment to the Criminal Justice Act 1988 will ban the sale, manufacture, rental or importation of knives often referred to as ‘zombie knives’, ‘zombie killer knives’ and ‘zombie slayer knives’.

    The knives can have cutting blades of up to 25in, have a serrated edge and include images or words that glamorise violence.

  • Berlin Wall ceremony

    Berlin Mayor Michael Müller, second from right, led a wreath-laying ceremony last Saturday at the Bernauer Strasse memorial, where the last remains of the Berlin Wall still stand 55 years after first being erected by communist East GermanyThe mayor of Germany’s capital laid a wreath at the main Berlin Wall memorial, marking the anniversary of the start of construction of the Cold War structure on August 13, 1961 that divided the city for nearly three decades.

    Ahead of the ceremony at the Bernauer Strasse memorial, Mayor Michael Müller also took part in a service at a chapel on the former ‘death strip’ that divided the city.

  • Summit to check out

    Peak retreat: Howie and Fran Mills with their pet dog at their alpine guest house – the Schöne Aussicht  in Neustift, AustriaEx-loggie Howie Mills found his Shangri-La in the Austrian Alps, where he and his wife run a guest house that has become an adventure holiday retreat for folks from across the British military.

    The former Lance Corporal and physical training instructor fell in love with local woman Franziska on a visit to Tirol 12 years ago and decided to stay.

    Howie and Franziska, who have three children, run a guest house called Schöne Aussicht (Beautiful View) in the Stubai valley, just south of Innsbruck.

    But the sporty couple are more than just hosts – they offer a smorgasbord of sporting activities for guests to enjoy – for both individuals and families. 

  • Don’t follow the path, blaze the trail

    Bielefeld Station Mountain Bike club are seeking out like-minded people to join their club, which prides itself on having fun, equipping people with skills, exploring far-flung places and helping the community.

    Some members of the Bielefeld Mountain Club
    BFG Sgt Maj, WO1 Chris Jordan founded the mountain bike club 18 months ago, to encourage others to get into his much loved sport.  He was keen to improve ability within the club and at the same time help those involved with qualifications.  

  • Royal British Legion Car Boot Sale – September 25


  • Domestic abuse

    What is domestic abuse?

    Domestic abuse is essentially about the power and control of one person over another person.

    Such abuse may show itself in many ways, including physical violence, emotional or mental abuse, sexual violence and abuse, financial control or keeping a person in the home or not allowing them to go out alone, telling them who they can and cannot meet and talk to. 

    Perpetrators may blame being drunk or say they have “anger management problems.” These can be factors but they are not the only causes of the abuse. 

    Abuse against women and girls is a gender based crime; however, we must recognise that men and boys can be victims of domestic abuse and that it can affect whole families, including children. 

    Men have a key role in stopping the violence and helping to change the attitudes and actions of their peers. 

    Children of all ages can be affected by domestic abuse, even if they do not see the abuse directly.

  • Treasured artwork found at flea market

    A section of Dürer’s etching: ‘Maria, crowned by an angel’ (1520), found at a flea market in FranceLong-dead German artist Albrecht Dürer is causing a stir after a collector donated a lost work, bought for a few euros on a French flea market, to a Stuttgart museum.

    The bronze engraving titled ‘Maria crowned by an angel’ datesfrom 1520, Anette Frankenberger of the Staatsgalerie art museum told AFP, and is in ‘very good condition’.

    A retired French archaeologist noticed the work on a bric-a-brac stand in Sarrebourg, eastern France, after the seller cleared it out of a house in the town.

    He quickly bought the piece – only to find the stamp of the Staatsgalerie on the back and decide to donate it anonymously.

  • Syrian refugee crowned German wine queen

    The new Trier wine queen, Ninorta Bahno, is crowned by her predecessorAfter escaping the civil war in Syria, Ninorta Bahno has managed to make a name for herself in Germany by being elected Trier’s wine queen.

    At family gatherings back in Syria, Ninorta Bahno had always been a wine-drinker. After arriving in Germany three-and-a-half years ago, she took a crash course under wine experts, and now she’s the first ever refugee wine queen in Germany.

    In the coming year Bahno is set to attend between 30 and 60 events in Trier, which is in Germany’s esteemed Mosel wine region, as well as at wine festivals extending all the way to Luxembourg.

    “All the refugees I know are excited about my new position,” she said.

  • Germany’s first ‘men’s officer’

    Men’s officer, Matthias Becker, says he hopes to become a ‘mouthpiece for men’Nürnberg has become the first city in Germany to appoint an official men’s officer, taking on responsibility for men’s issues.

    The position is held by Matthias Becker, who works seven hours each week in the town hall, speaking to local men about issues related to their gender.

    The father of three wants to shatter cliches about gender, encouraging them to be more open about their emotions and take more responsibility for themselves, he told broadcaster Bayerische Rundfunk.

    “Men aren’t even trusted to get the right things at the shops,” he added.

  • 3 dead after treatment at alternative cancer clinic

    German and Dutch police are investigating the deaths of three people who had been treated in an alternative medicine cancer clinic in Brüggen-Bracht, officials said on August 4.

    A Dutch man and woman, aged 55 and 43, along with a Belgian woman, 55, have died since being treated late last month at the Klaus Ross clinic.

    Two other Dutch women are being treated in hospital and German prosecutors in Mönchengladbach have urged other patients showing any symptoms to “urgently seek medical advice.”

    Dutch police, who are supporting the inquiry, appealed for information from other patients, as newspapers reported the clinic had been using an experimental transfusion.

  • Germany News in Brief - August 11, 2016

    New draft bill for law-breakers

    BERLIN – People breaking traffic laws in Germany might soon find themselves relying on public transport or going on foot.

    Justice minister Heiko Maas has said he intends to introduce a draft bill by the end of the year that envisages suspending the driver’s licences of people who break the law.

    “There are cases, such as with very wealthy offenders, in which a fine does not have an effect,” he told the Spiegel magazine in an interview published on August 6.

    “But suspension of a driver’s licence would have tangible consequences,” he said, adding that courts would decide on whether to use the penalty on a case-by-case basis.

    Maas also said that he intends to allow the use of film cameras in some courts. “We want to allow cameras, but only in the highest federal courts and only for the announcement of the sentence,” he said.

    He added that he would also suggest “audio-visually documenting the entire trial in cases of historical significance.”

  • krafty Kids get creative

    Hat decoratingat Home-Start

    Concentration as the hats are paintedHome-Start Bielefeld are committed to providing entertainment throughout the summer with their Krafty Kids programme, which takes place every Tuesday at 10am at Catterick Barracks.

  • Mad Hatters at Home-Start

    ‘I’m forever blowing bubbles...’ Home-Start Paderborn’s last event before the summer provided families with a fun-packed party of craft activities and playHome-Start Paderborn held a Mad Hatters themed party on July 15 in celebration of many things.

    Sadly this summer marks the departure of 5 Rifles; not only does this mean Home-Start says goodbye to Holly Morrall (the current Paderborn organiser) but also to the families of 5 RIFLES, some of whom have been going to Home-Start for more than three years. 

    The event took place in The Village Hall and was supported by Bluebells Cafe who decorated the garden beautifully and provided some lovely party food.

    The turnout was great and the children enjoyed Mad Hatter themed games inside before the sun came out allowing some ball pool fun and lots of bubbles. 

    The morning gave an opportunity for the families to create Alice in Wonderland themed crafts, play games and have lots of fun.

    They also had a chance to thank their volunteers and show them how much they are appreciated in the community.

  • Job application workshops in Paderborn

    LSU Wksp

  • Basic German course for children

    Basic German

  • Returning tax free vehicles to UK

    All members of British Forces Germany, including civilian staff, contractors and dependants, should be aware that they must keep any tax free motor vehicle for a minimum of 12 months from the first day of its BFG registration.

    BFG Customs and Immigration staff work closely with HMRC and the DVLA and are informed when any vehicle has its ownership transferred early. 

    This key benefit of service in Germany must be protected; early disposals will result in administrative or disciplinary action being taken. 

    If you need advice regarding the disposal of your vehicle, contact:

    HQ BFG C&I – Tel: Bielefeld Mil (81) 2611

    Gütersloh Station – Tel: Bielefeld Mil (81) 2633

    Paderborn Station – Tel: Paderborn Mil (79) 4279.

  • Do you know your housing options?

    Where can I find out more information?

    Attend a brief near you – for example on Septembeer 6 in Sennelager – or consult the programme available via the JSHAO webpages on

    Alternatively contact the JSHAO via email: or telephone 01252 787574 (Mil: 94222 7574).

  • Treats for tastebuds

    Bad Salzuflen Wine Fest, August 11–14 

    Enjoy a glass or two of some of Germany’s best wines at the Bad Salzuflen Wine Fest from August 11–14.

    Vintners from the Mosel, the Nahe, Rheinhessen, Baden, Franconia and the Palatinate regions will be in the old town offering more than 400 premium wines for sale.

    There will also be a varied programme of music and food stalls, and a visit by the German Wine Princess who will open the fair today (August 11).

    Lübbecke – Beer Fountain Festival, August 12–14

    If you prefer hops to grapes then the beer festival in Lübbecke might be the thing for you. Highlight of the event in the town centre is the beer fountain.

    Rheda – Gourmet Market, August 12–14

    Rheda’s Gourmet Market is a highlight in the region and a must for foodies.

    Located between Emshaus and Rosengarten, the sights and smells of fine delicacies will be irresistible. The live entertainment will add an extras flavour to the fest which is open on Friday from 6pm, Saturday from 5pm and Sunday, from 11am.
    Entrance is free.

  • Up for a grilling

    Michael Hoffmann from North Rhine-Westphalia and his grill team Gut Glut won this year’s German grill championship in Fulda – Hoffmann’s fourth titleSausage may be Germany’s most famous food, but when it comes to grilling, tastes have gone gourmet. This year, it was spareribs and bean-blueberry wraps that helped claim the championship title.

    Some 39 barbecue teams made up of both professionals and amateurs, battled it out at their grills in Fulda last weekend to determine Germany’s Grillmeister.

    The annual championship began 21 years ago. Michael Hoffmann from Rösrath, NRW, took home this year’s prize – already his fourth title.

  • Mansergh library closures

    The library will be closed from August 22 to 29 due to staff holidays. Normal opening hours will resume on August 30, from 9am to 1pm.

  • 26 RA courses: Sep–Nov 2016

    26 RA will be providing courses for the Gunners, attached arms, dependants and wider community including veterans.

    The courses will be run in 26 RA’s Regimental Learning Centre in Mansergh Barracks, Gütersloh.

  • 2nd Gütersloh Brownies – New members welcome


  • Bielefeld Cinelink – Programme for August


  • Volunteers wanted

    Volunteers wanted

  • Meet your new AFF coordinator in Paderborn

    AFF coordinator

  • Photo competition – Get your entries in soon

    Photo Comp 2016

  • Big Friendly Read in Bielefeld

    Big Friendly Read

  • Summer Reading Challenge

    Summer Reading Challenge

  • Zumba in Bielefeld

    Zumba Sept/Oct 2016

  • Last Night of the Proms at King's School


  • Training opportunity – IOSH course, Gütersloh

    IOSH Courses 2016

  • Hitting the right note – Bielefeld Military Wives Choir

    Wives choir

  • Hitting the right note

    Wives choir

  • Make a splash

    Bielefeld Swim Club

  • Join the adventure – join the Gütersloh Scouts


  • Join the adventure with the Gütersloh Scouts


  • All aboard for a fun train ride

    Train ride

  • AFF Germany Roadshow

    AFF to meet with families

    TheArmy Families Federation (AFF) is hosting a roadshow in Paderborn on September 28 and as many families as possible are encouraged to attend this informative event.

    Pop along to Tigers’ Den, Barker Barracks, from 10.30am to 1pm, for the chance to meet Sara Baade, AFF’s Chief Executive, AFF’s Housing and Foreign & Commonwealth specialists and other AFF staff working to support families in your area.

    Also attending on the day will be a range of subject matter experts and the military chain of command, to help tackle your issues and concerns.

  • Paderborn Station Baby Clinics

    Baby clinicsThe Baby Clinic held at the Löseke community centre in Sennelager will be held on August 18. The clinics on August 11 and August 25 have been cancelled.

    From September 1, the Baby Clinic currently held in the Löseke community centre will be moving to the Children’s Service Centre Sennelager Medical Centre, on Normandy Barracks, Sennelager. 

    The clinic is held every Thursday, from 9.30am to 11am. Tel: 05254 982 4807 for more information.


    Baby Clinics held at the Bad Lippspringe community centre will resume on September 5.


    Baby Clinics held at the Village Hall, Arndtstrasse in Paderborn will take place on August 16, 23 and 30.

  • Relocation from Princess Royal Barracks to Mansergh Barracks, Gütersloh

    Building 5, 11, 19 or 28? Where to find what in Gütersloh Station

    Relocation has started and the Firm Base Support Agencies in Gütersloh are setting up in their new offices across town in Mansergh Barracks.

    The big questions are; who is moving where, the location of the buildings, when do moves take place and how do I get in touch with the agencies?

  • Make Sixth Sense your paper

    Got a news story? Or are you planning an event? Maybe you'd like to write a car, restaurant or film review? Perhaps you've taken a cracking photo and would like to see it published? How was the holiday you recently went on - why not send us a story along with images?

    Don’t delay, email your items for publication to:

  • Game craze – stay alert

    Readers may have seen press reporting about the new augmented reality game, which requires players to find Pokémon characters located anywhere across the world.

    The MoD has received reports that some Pokémon characters have been located within and very close to MoD establishments. Consequently, there may be an increased risk of persons trying to gain unauthorised access to MoD establishments to capture Pokémon Go characters on their personal electronic devices.

  • Disposal of bulk household waste in Westfalen Garrison

    Frequently asked questions about the disposal of bulk household waste in Westfalen Garrison

    Who is responsible for the disposal of household bulk waste?

    Everyone living outside the wire has a responsibility to dispose of their waste in a suitable manner.

    Normal domestic waste should be disposed of using the bin allocated but bulk and hazardous waste needs to be disposed of at your local Stadt recycle centre. As in the UK it is illegal to fly tip waste and the German authorities take a hard line against such behaviour.

  • Years of dedication

    From left: Air Commodore Tolfts, Jane (Barbara) Kaczmarek, Richard Barley, DIO Assurance and Jack Lawlor Deputy Head SD (Europe)The recent visit of DIO’s Head of SD Accommodation, Air Commodore Ian Tolfts to Bielefeld presented the opportunity to mark the occasion of Jane (Barbara) Kaczmarek’s 40 years of service with the MoD.

  • Making tracks

    The Mayor of Dülmen, Lisa Stremlau, wishes Tony Bland, Head of Establishment, good luck as the last lorry prepares to depart from Tower BarracksIt was a bittersweet occasion for employees past and present as the last lorry was loaded and driven out of Tower Barracks at Dülmen. 

    The event marked the end of the UK’s use of the site which goes back to the 1970s. 

    First used by the Luftwaffe during the Second World War as a fuel storage depot, it was almost completely destroyed by Allied bombing in February 1945. 

  • Keep calm and kayak on

    Army medics from 1 Armd Med Regt, with two of their guides,  at the launch point of their epic journey through the Amazon rainforest. Exercise Diamond Amazonas Serpent saw a team of 12 from 1 Armoured Medical Regiment tackle adventerous training by kayaking along one of the hundreds of tributaries that feed into the mighty Amazon River. 

    The expedition has never before been attempted by any MoD personnel and we were set to be the pioneering expedition to the Amazonas region of north Brazil.

  • A canny good week

    Professional football coach Doug Thoburn and his team returned to British Forces Germany  last week to coach BFG children for his ninth consecutive year.  

    The children celebrate
    The four-day summer football camp saw 62 children attend.  Nephew Davey Manners and son Nick Thoburn joined Doug, to put the children through their paces, as proud parents cheered them on.

  • We’re going on a bear hunt

    27 children and their families enjoyed a fantastic day out at Münster Zoo organised by Community Support and Home-startBielefeld community set off on an adventure to find the long-lost polar bear that Capt Dickie Davies, Adjt Bielefeld Stn, saw some 25 years ago when he last visited Münster Zoo. 

    Sadly there wasn’t a polar bear in sight, but nevertheless the community had a fantastic day learning about the diverse selection of wildlife that the staff at the zoo care for today.  

    Under the watchful eye of Sam Tyler from Community Support and her trusted team of helpers, Julie from Bielefeld Welfare, and Marie and Teresa from Home-Start, the children had a wonderful time, used up lots of energy throughout the day and some even took a boat ride on the lake. 

  • Fighting back

    Bielefeld Community Support raises funds for Cancer Research UK at Race for LifeEven with the threat of torrential rain and thunderstorms, 20 keen runners turned out for this year’s Race for Life at Catterick Barracks, raising €175 for Cancer
    Research UK on July 22.

    With the high humidity and week-long scorcher WO2 Ian Lewis, Community Support Warrant Officer, and his team, Sam Tyler and Anne Lewis, decided to hold the 5km run on the ridge just behind Catterick Barracks.