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Dancing in the Moonlight

AT GUT Holzhausen on Thursday July 7, it’s going to be a relaxed, informal and flexible evening. 

The doors will open on the Voices Jazz Lounge.  On stage in the ancient Sheep Barn, Ulita Knaus and her band will cast a spell over their guests.

In the spirit of her latest album, The Moon on my Doorstep, the award-winning jazz singer from Hamburg will attempt to discover the secrets of the moon and show her poetic nightly companion in a special light...

Ulita Knaus sings about life,  the great and small everyday events of love, happiness and sadness, light and shadow. In doing so she intentionally mixes jazz, pop, rock, soul and salsa. She takes songs from other artists like Pink Floyd, Tom Waits or Peter Fox  and lends them a fresh, elegant, Ulita Knaus sheen.

When asked about the live performances of the singer from Hamburg, critics enthused: “Highly expressive, impressive, a talented improviser, seductive and passionate.” 

Ulita Knaus sings with depth, groove and tranquillity.  In brief she creates jazz for the heart, reaching out to those who are not fans of this genre of music.

At 6.30pm you can enjoy a delicious light supper in the barn-restaurant, surrounded by the beautiful courtyard of Gut Holzhausen. Please book this well in advance.

Due to the European Football Championships, after the concert the bar will remain open and the football will be showing in the jazz lounge.

Contact, tickets, information: KulturGut Holzhausen, Gutshof 1, 33039 Nieheim. Tel: 05274 952094. 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.