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  • On Course for the Future

    HUNDREDS of BFG employees have taken advantage of the German employment scheme, with the help of Locally Employed Civilian Support Services and the Agentur für Arbeit (AfA)

    Last week the LEC Sp Svcs demonstrated how far they had come with the scheme since it started in 2010, when HQ BFG decided to take action in advance to improve the opportunities available for employees upon the closure of military bases in Germany.

  • Germany voted ‘best country ever’

    Germany may not be ‘fun’ or ‘sexy’, but it’s still considered the best country in the world, according to a worldwide public opinion poll.

    Germany was ranked the overall best country in the world, according to the rankings released by US News & World Report on January 20.

    The rankings report praised Germany for its support of entrepreneurs, growing role as a global leader and high quality of life, among other factors.

  • Germany News in Brief - January 28, 2016

    New Year assaults in 12 states

    KÖLN – Police have found that the wave of sexual assaults and robberies on New Year’s Eve not only happened in Köln but that similar incidents also took place in 12 of Germany’s regional states, local media reported on Saturday.

    The daily Süddeutsche Zeitung said on its website: “The phenomenon of sexual violence, in part linked with robberies, is much greater than we previously thought,” adding that the regional states were affected to different degrees.

    The worst affected state was North Rhine-Westphalia, which includes Köln, where some 1,000 complaints have been filed, followed by Hamburg with 200. In other states the number of reported incidents was lower: Hesse (31 complaints); Bavaria (27), Baden-Wurtlemberg (25), Bremen (11) and Berlin (6).

    One case was reported in each of Lower-Saxony, Brandeburg, Saxony, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland.

    Like Köln the target of the assaults were women in almost all cases. According to witnesses, the aggressors were mostly young men of foreign origin, between 17 and 30 years old.

  • 'A very symbolic move'

    Exhibition of Jewish artists’ Holocaust works opens in Berlin 

    Chancellor Angela Merkel with Holocaust survivor, Nelly Toll, the only artist represented in the show who is still alive. Toll said: “I made 60 paintings while in hiding and all of them express happinessGerman Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the biggest exhibition of Holocaust art outside Israel in Berlin on Monday, after pledging to take concerns about rising anti-Semitism seriously.

    The Art from the Holocaust show features 100 works from Yad Vashem, Israel’s official Holocaust memorial centre, which were created by Jewish inmates at concentration camps, labour camps and ghettos during the Nazi time.

    Of the 50 artists featured in the exhibition, 24 were killed by the Nazis.

    “The million of individual stories during the Shoah remain deeply rooted in our national conscience,” Merkel said at the opening of the show at the German Historical Museum, referring to the Hebrew word for the Holocaust.

  • Vigilante groups intercepted in Bielefeld

    A vigilante group comprising 68 “rockers, bouncers and hooligans” was intercepted in Bielefeld’s old town centre by German police last weekend.

    The crowd were on their way to the Bahnhof area when they were stopped near the Jahnplatz by officers, who detained, controlled and finally dispersed the gathering.

    Some 18 people in the group, which had not registered the meeting with the authorities, lived locally, and the rest had travelled to the city from all areas of the country.

  • First-ever German Anne Frank movie to premiere at Berlinale film fest

    Anne Frank's diaryThe first German feature-length biopic on the Jewish teenage diarist Anne Frank will premiere next month at the 66th Berlin film festival, organisers said on Friday.

    Das Tagebuch der Anne Frank (The Diary of Anne Frank) will be screened in the Generation section of the Berlinale, the first major film festival of the year in Europe.

    “This film adaptation of the eponymous historical testimony that moved the world primarily depicts the period of time that Anne spent in her family’s hiding place... in Amsterdam,” the festival said in a statement.

  • Civil Service pensions

    Civil Service Pensions published two new guides on January 11, 2016: “You have joined the Civil Service Pension scheme – what happens now?” and “How can I take control of my retirement – by building up added pension?” 

    Visit CSP Quick-Start website ( to view these guides and for more information on the series.

  • Attention all owners of Vauxhall Zafira B 2005 to 2014 models

    Vauxhall UK would like to make owners of Vauxhall Zafira B 2005 to 20014 models aware of a condition which could affect your vehicle.  

    Investigations have found evidence of improper repair of the blower motor resistor and its thermal fuse, which is designed to protect the blower motor system.  

    This can lead to overheating of the heater systems electrical components and the potential for a fire. 

    If you own or drive a Zafira B 2005 to 2014 model, please contact either of the two Opel Authorised Repairer Centres, which have been identified and briefed to arrange for the remedial work to be carried out.

    Opel Gütersloh – Knemeyer,
    http://opel-knemeyer-<br< a="" style="">>

    Opel Sennelager – Bauer Bickmeier, http://www.opel-

  • BFG advisory note – Reporting suspicious activity

    As members of the BFG community you will be aware that recently there have been a few incidents which have raised concerns regarding security.

    Although there has been no need to increase the robust security measures currently in place, you can help in keeping our community safe by reporting suspicious incidents or activity, however insignificant it may seem at the time.

    By reporting your concerns, we can use the information received to inform and ensure that appropriate measures are put in place to protect our community should it be necessary.  

  • Sign up today for BFG text messages

    Ensure that you are well informed of all issues affecting life in BFG and sign up to the BFG text messaging serviceBFG has launched a new text messaging service to send critical information to the community.

    Users will receive instant notifications on areas such as security, weather and travel disruptions that may affect their area.

    Although BFG currently communicates using a range of methods, most of these require individuals to seek out information. Text messaging is a simple, effective and quick way of sending the whole community time critical information as it arises.

    This complements other official BFG channels to ensure that you are well informed of all issues affecting life in BFG.

  • Online ECDL Courses – Update


  • Our Community in Colour

    Get your cameras primed for the Paderborn Station Photographic Competition 2016 

    PhotoComp2016From summer fairs to regimental training and exercises, station life is an interesting balance of the reality of military life, to the softer side of our firm base support.

    This is the inspiration for the 2016 Paderborn Station Photographic Competition: Our Community in Colour.

    It’s the perfect opportunity to get out into the community with your camera and capture our unique surroundings, as well as the balance of military and family life in BFG.

    The theme is open to your interpretation but the judges are looking for photographs that will capture the huge spectrum of activities that take place in Paderborn Station throughout the year.

  • Teapot Tuesday

    Teapot Tuesday

  • English Development Course

    PCDL Course (Recreational) Culture/Language 

    Are you someone who speaks English as a second language?

    Would you like to brush up and improved your English language knowledge?

    Sign up for the English Development Course in February. Starts Monday, February 1, 9.30am–11am, at the Löseke Community Centre in Sennelager.

    To book your place, contact the PCDL Coordinator on 05254 982 4018 or Mil 4014 or email:

    The course is free for dependants.

  • 5 RIFLES wives have a ball

    The wives’ Christmas masquerade ball The ladies of 5 RIFLES decided to have their Christmas dinner night post-Christmas (January 8) in order to have something to look forward to in this darkest month. They organised a special masquerade ball to mark their last ‘wives only’ event in Germany.

    Tammy Lush said: “It was nice to see so many wives I hadn’t met before and to have a complete variety of people in one place all having such a wonderful time together.

    “It’s great to know that we are still having fun together as a battalion despite leaving Germany soon.”

  • Poppy goes the easel

    UK-based artist Jacqueline HurleyBournemouth-based painter Jacqueline Hurley has dedicated her time and talents to creating remembrance art in support of the Armed Forces.

    She paints from the heart using the stark red of the international symbol of memorial – the poppy – to create contrast against gritty impressionistic landscapes.

    Her moving images have been well-received by audiences at exhibitions, helping to keep the importance of Remembrance in the forefront of people’s minds.

  • Just wedgetastic

    During the 1960s and 1970s, Mercedes designed and built a series of futuristic prototypes under the codename C111 (above). These cars never went into production, but much of the technology developed for them can be found in today’s cars.The Bremen Classic Motorshow is the first major classic car exhibition of the year in Germany, taking place from
    February 5-7.

    Here you’ll find all the classic vehicle paraphernalia you’ll need for a successful start to the season: cars, motorcycles, young classics, historic motorsport, spare parts and restoration tips.

  • Elvis is back

    Talented performer Grahame Patrick’s tribute show to Elvis has been called the best there isHe has been called the best Elvis impersonator since the real thing left the building for good back in 1977.

    Yes folks, talented performer Grahame Patrick will be back in Bielefeld early this year with his tribute act that has pulled in more than 100,000 punters across Europe so far this year.

  • An inspirational officer

    Capt Naveed Muhammad from Kings HeathAn Army Reservist from Birmingham has been awarded an MBE in this year's New Year's Honours List in recognition of his work, in particular with minority communities across the region.

    Capt Naveed Muhammad, from Kings Heath, a member of Redditch-based 37th Signal Regiment, has been rewarded for his "exemplary" service which saw him become a key role model for Muslims.

    On being told of his award by his Commanding Officer, Lt Col Teresa Downes, he said: "I was painting my kitchen when my CO called to tell me – and I was speechless, in fact I was so speechless that I just kept on painting the same bit of wall over and over again.

  • Germany News in Brief - January 21, 2016

    Demand rockets for self-defence arms

    KÖLN – Germans are snapping up pepper spray, gas pistols, stun guns and powerful torches even more than they already had been in the wake of the November terror attacks in Paris.

    Demand for over the counter self defence products rose in response to the massive sex assaults and thefts in Köln and Hamburg on New Year’s Eve.

    Frankonia, Germany’s leading supplier for hunters and marksmen, declined to give details of recent sales developments. 

    Last Thursday, two weeks after the attacks, the number of criminal complaints had reached 652, including 331 sex-related crimes, Köln prosecutors said.

    The number of mostly-female alleged victims stood at 739.

  • Male refugees banned from pools

    A leaflet produced by Munich city authorities includes behaviour rules for migrants in the swimming poolA town in Germany has banned male asylum seekers from public swimming pools after complaints from women that they were being harassed by migrants.

    A spokesman for the local government of Bornheim said that the ban on male asylum seekers above the age of 18 came after six people filed complaints “over the sexually offensive behaviour of some migrant men at the pool”.

    The measure aimed at “making it clear to the men that the rights of women in Germany are inviolable”, he added.

  • DNA at crime scene is that of terrorists missing for 18 years

    Resurfaced: Ex-Red Army Faction members Volker Staub, Daniela Klette, and Burkhard GarwegPolice on Tuesday confirmed that DNA from three far-left terrorists who have been on the run for decades was found at the site of two robberies in 2015.

    In both robberies, the most recent of which happened at the end of December, Daniela Klette, 57, Volker Staub, 58, and Burkhard Garweg are alleged to have held up security vans, but failed to make away with any cash.

    The three are some of the last members of the notorious Red Army Faction, a terrorist cell founded in 1970, which was blamed for more than 30 murders, numerous bombings and part-responsibility for the hijacking of a plane in its almost three decade existence.

    The group announced its dissolution in 1998, but two years later state prosecutors announced they were investigating Klette and Staub on suspicion of founding a new terror cell.

  • Woman grabs sex attacker and hands him over to police

    Risk: Anastasia G said her reaction to the attack was automatic, but now worries about what might have happenedA young mother made a brave stand against sexual assault in Germany’s streets on January 12, when she grabbed her attacker and stopped him getting away until the police arrived.

    The 31-year-old woman noticed something wasn’t right when the stranger began to follow her as she walked down the street with her young child.

  • Town axes carnival over assault fears

    Fearful: Authorities in Orsoy have cancelled carnival celebrations over concerns about securityA town north of Köln has cancelled one of its carnival parades, citing fears of a repeat of the sexual assaults which took place in the cathedral city on New Year’s Eve.

    The suburb of Orsoy in Rheinsberg, 70km north of Köln, can’t rule out that refugees might visit the parade and in a drunken state, leading to a repeat of the scenes of sexual assault seen in Köln, the city announced in a press release.

    There are currently 300 refugees being housed in the Orsoy neighbourhood, where the parade was to be held on February 8, with a further 200 due to arrive at the start of February.

  • Do you want to start your own business?


  • Library News

    Barker Barracks Library – Reduced hours in January

    The Barker Barracks library will only be open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, from 8.30am to 4.30pm until January 29.

    Please use the drop off box when returning books.

    Sennelager Library – February closures

    The Sennelager Library will be closed from February 3–5 for staff training.

    Please use the drop off box when returning books – do not leave library books outside the box.

  • Voting


  • Time to Talk Day

    TimetotalkWe all have mental health, just like we all have physical health. Mental health issues are common and affect one in four people every year. It’s a normal part of life, so let’s get the nation talking.

    A simple chat can make a real difference. You don’t have to be an expert – a text, a quick walk together, asking ‘How are you?’ (and genuinely listening to the answer) are all ways to show family, friends, neighbours and colleagues that you care.

  • IT began with Ada: Women in computer histor

    Special exhibition at the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum 

    Ada LovelaceOne hundred years before the invention of the computer, the daughter of famous English poet George Gordon, Lord Byron had already written notes containing what is now regarded as the first program in computer history.

    Ada Lovelace was born in London on December 10, 1815. Her life and work are the focus of the exhibition IT began with Ada Women in computer history, which runs until July 10 at the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum (HNF) in Paderborn. 

    The exhibition clearly shows how Ada Lovelace, assisted by Charles Babbage, developed a program for his never-built mechanical Analytical Engine, which made her an icon in information technology.

  • Childcare vouchers

    Are you a parent or guardian of a child under 15? If the answer is yes, you could save over £900 a year by claiming childcare vouchers. 

    Childcare vouchers are a government initiative designed to help working parents pay for childcare. You can convert part of your salary into vouchers, saving the tax and national insurance you would normally pay. 

    If you would like to know more about the scheme, or think you may be eligible, go to:[1].pdf

  • Vehicle licensing: your questions answered

    Open letter from the OC VLO to the BFG community.

    Hello, and a very Happy New Year to you from everyone at British Forces Germany’s Vehicle Licensing Office (VLO). 

    As OC VLO, I am often asked questions on vehicle insurance and more recently, the Aral Fuel Card. I thought it might be worth addressing some of these questions publically and in doing so, perhaps dispel a few rumours.

    I’m also going to offer some advice that just may help you out of a jam in the future. First up…

    Aral Fuel Card (AFC)

    What do I do if my AFC doesn’t work?

  • Scarlet fever: the start of a new season

    Scarlet fever is mainly a childhood disease, most common between the ages of two and eight years, although children and adults of all ages can develop itFollowing the significant increase in scarlet fever cases over the last two years, early indications for 2015 to 2016 suggest we may be entering a third season of high numbers of infections. 

    So far this season, 2,155 scarlet fever reports have been made across England since the second week of September (weeks 37 to 50 of last year).

    Around 250 cases of scarlet fever are currently being notified each week across England, remaining similar to last year but higher than previous years. 

    Levels of scarlet fever are typically low during the autumn and early winter, increasing over the next few months and reaching highest levels in March and April.

  • Financial Aspects of Resettlement (FAR) Briefing


  • Civilian Housing Brief


  • Air on the side of caution

    Stuttgart asked to stop driving as city faces record pollution

    Cars pass beneath a display board inviting drivers to switch to public transport this week because of record high fine particle levels in Stuttgart, one of Germany’s most polluted citiesCity authorities in Stuttgart called on citizens to leave their car at home on Monday, as a fine particle pollution alarm was issued for the first time ever in a major German city.

    It’s a dubious honour for the capital of Baden-Württemberg, usually better known for its prosperity than for high concentrations of potentially cancer-causing particles in the air.

    “It is recommended that drivers switch to public transport or a bicycle, walk, or carpool,” a statement on the city’s website read.

    “If possible, employees should agree with their employers to work from home or use flexible working hours.”

  • Night-time flight ban on tornados

    German Tornado jets deployed to Syria for reconnaissance missions can’t fly at night, Bild newspaper reported on Tuesday in a new embarrassment for the defence ministry which has been battling equipment problems.

    The six aircraft sent to Syria are fitted with surveillance technology, and had been touted as being capable of taking high-resolution photographs and infrared images, even at night and in bad weather.

    But Bild reported that night flights were impossible as pilots are blinded by the cockpit light which is far too bright.

    A defence ministry spokesman admitted that there is “a small technical problem that has to do with the cockpit lighting”.

    “It is possible that the night goggles worn by pilots result in reflections,” he said, adding that the ministry was looking at resolving the problem within the next two weeks.

    He added that there was “currently no need to fly at night in Syria” and that the deployment was performing at “100 per cent”.

  • Dogs on SCE school premises

    All parents and personnel are reminded that dogs are not allowed on or to transit through SCE school premises at any time.

    Dogs may be left (at the owner’s discretion) at the school gates as long as they are not causing a nuisance to other children, parents or passing personnel.

  • Drop-In Day – Paderborn


  • Book Bingo


  • Community security update

    Readers may be aware that in the last week there have been some incidents which have raised concerns about security.

    The situation has been reviewed, and we judge that there is no need at the moment to increase the robust security measures which are already in place. Security of our community is our top priority and remains subject to continual review. 

    Everyone should be vigilant. If you see anything that concerns you, you should report it.

    If you think there is an immediate threat to life, dial the German Civil Police on 110. 

    Do not hesitate to report anything suspicious (particularly the activity of people and vehicles) to the Emergency RMP Hotline on 05254 982 2222.

  • What’s on in the Paderborn area 2016

    Detmold: World of Pipe Rock and Irish Dance, January 23, 8pm, at the Stadthalle Detmold. Tickets from €39.50.

    Schloß Holte/Stukenbrock: True Collins, music and light show, January 30, 8.30pm, at the Event Hall Niebel, Hauptstrasse 65–67. Tickets: €15 (in advance); €19 at the door.

    Paderborn: Abba Gold: The Concert Show, March 15, 8pm, at the PaderHalle. Tickets: from €43.

    Paderborn: A Tribute to Abba – music and dinner included, April 10, 6pm, at the Schützenhof. Tickets: from €71.

  • PUFC male U16s football team

    Paderborn United Football Club (PUFC) is establishing a male U16s football team to play in the Kreis Paderborn League from March 2016 and want to hear from young people aged 14–16 who are interested in joining the club.

    As a pre-season warm-up, they will be travelling to Taunton in Somerset from February 17–20 to play football against local teams in the area.

    If you are interested in getting involved, email:

  • Sennelager Library Early Closure – January 21

    Sennelager Libary opening times on Thursday, January 21 will be 9am – 2pm.

    Normal opening times remain the same for the rest of the week.

    Sorry for any inconvenience. 

  • Homage to Hohne camp

    Formal handover conducted at the front entrance to Hohne Camp – from Left: Maj Bob Wells CoS Hohne Drawdown Team and Maj (Retd) Gary Morris BFG Drawdown Officer, Col Wiederhold Kommandeur and Herr Lentzen DienstleistungszentrumAfter 70 years Hohne Camp was officially handed over to the Bundeswehr-Dienstleistungszentrum, the Host Nation authorities with the lead for Bundeswehr real estate on January 1, 2016.  

    The camp, built in December 1935 by the Nazis, was first occupied by British troops from 11 Armoured Division in April 1945 shortly after the liberation of Belsen Concentration Camp on April 15, 1945.

  • Attention Vauxhall Zafira owners!

    Vauxhall UK would like to make owners of Vauxhall Zafira B 2005 to 2014 models aware of a condition that could affect your vehicle.  

    Investigations have found evidence of improper repair of the blower motor resistor and its thermal fuse, which is designed to protect the blower motor system.  This can lead to overheating of the heater systems electrical components and the potential for a fire. 

  • Seeing double

    James and Edward Mann proudly received their King’s BadgesTwin brothers James and Edward Mann have been awarded the King’s Badge after completing training at The Commando Training Centre Royal Marines in Lympstone, Devon.

    The young men, originally from Wargrave in Berkshire, celebrated being recognised as the best Royal Marines recruit to finish training as part of the King’s Squad, the senior recruit troop, and were joined by their extended family and friends.

  • Get fit in 2016

    Many people share the same new year’s resolution – to get fit. Throughout the year there are a range of sporting events within BFG, as well as back in the UK, that can help with getting that summer body ready. 

    The RBL launched their Major SeriesIf some of you are struggling to find the motivation to put your trainers on and get in the gym then maybe events like the RBL Major Series and the Paderborner Osterlauf, Bielefeld Run & Roll Day and Berlin Marathon can provide some of the much needed incentive.

    In the meantime a wide range of fitness classes are available, held in gymnasiums across BFG, to get you motivated, including badminton, spinning and Body Pump to name but a few.

  • Quackers for the Bunducksliga

    Bunducksliga fever has returned to the delight of many football fans who are struggling without the weekly fill of the Bundesliga.

    The ducks of the 2016 BunducksligaThe Bunducksliga returns after its success on social media last year. Rubber ducks of each of the 18 Bundesliga teams race along a river in a number of rounds before the final on Wednesday, January 20 when a new winner will be crowned.

    The 2015 winner, Hertha Berlin, which won by a duck beak last year, will be back to defend the much treasured title.

  • THREAT ADVISORY NOTICE – TAN 003/16 Friday, January 15 – Paderborn

    There is to be a demonstration by Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) against the refugee issue in Germany.

    At the same time two separate counter demonstrations organised by Paderbunt, a broad LW alliance, will take place in the same general area of Westernstrasse and the Rathaus (town hall).

    It is expected that there will be traffic disruption in the area and both demonstrations will be policed. While there is no expectation of violence, disturbances and conflict between the two groups cannot be ruled out.

    The AfD demonstration and march will begin at approx 1800 hours from the Westerntor/Westernstrasse, (to the east of the main railway station), then march via Imadstrasse, Ferdinandstrasse to Bahnhofstrasse.

    The counter demonstrations will gather in the area of the Hauptbahnhof (main railway station) from approx 1730 hours.

    Given the possibility of confrontation at either of these demonstrations or between the two groups BFG personnel are advised to avoid the area where possible.

    The community is also reminded of the potential for other impromptu demonstrations for which there might be little or no warning. In such cases, personnel should avoid the area of the disturbance and report any incidents to the Service police.

  • Raking it in

    Team from QRH join clean-up task in Paderborn

    The soldiers of D Sqn were each presented with a medal by their twinned unit, Kamper Kompanie, of the local Schützenverein in PaderbornOn a cold Saturday morning last November selected representatives from D Squadron The Queen’s Royal Hussars left Athlone Barracks headed for the Schützenplatz in Paderborn where their twinned unit Kamper Kompanie of the local Schützenverein (marksmen’s association) are located.

  • Giving in the box

    Christmas box donationIn the run up to Christmas, students from King’s School took part in the Christmas Shoebox Appeal, with students and staff filling boxes with items for children aged between two and 15.

    More than 100 boxes were collected for charitable distribution in the area. They were delivered to the Gütersloh Tafel, the local food bank which distributes donated food to needy people, on December 17 by students and staff from King’s School. 

    The appeal was coordinated by Padre Claire Callanan, who was also at the depot to deliver the boxes.

    Pictured are David Moir, Charlotte Roberts, Alan Moir, Hannah Preddy, Andreen Comrie, Tom Whitticase, Matilda Foreman, Padre Claire Callanan and staff from Gütersloh Tafel

  • “Oh, no it isn’t” “Oh, yes it is!”

    SB4Children from SCE schools across Westfalen Garrison were in for a treat when Combined Services Entertainment (CSE) performed Sleeping Beauty on December 7–9.

    Despite a restricted timetable during the festive season, performances were held at several locations across the garrison to spread some Christmas cheer. 

    Both students and staff alike had a blast embracing the spirit of the Christmas pantomime.


  • Paderborn Pirates 2016


  • Paderborn Ladies Netball


  • SSAFA Summer Fete 2016


  • 5 Rifles Wives Fitness


  • Temporary closure of Paderborn LVLO

    The LVLO will be closed on Friday, January 29 for staff training.

    There will be a limited service available by appointment only for those wishing to collect DVLA registrations to return to the UK.

    Please plan ahead.

  • Update: SSVC shop closures

    Further to the announcement in December 2015 that SSVC shops were due to close at the end of January 2016, following a very successful sales campaign, the shops will now close ahead of schedule as follows:

    Gütersloh SSVC will close on Friday, January 15 with Sennelager SSVC closing one week later on Friday, January 22.

    SSVC would like to reiterate that goods purchased from SSVC will still be covered under the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty.

    Customers requiring service would need to contact the manufacturer directly – details are given in the table below.


    BFBS Set Top Box support

    BFBS TV set top boxes (STBs) will still be issued and returned locally as follows:

    Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 9am–12.30pm: Bielefeld (Thrift Shop)

    Tuesdays and Thursdays, 9am–12.30pm: Princess Royal Barracks (NAAFI Max)

    At all other times, STBs can be collected/returned at the BFBS studio offices in Sennelager.

  • Mental Health First Aid Courses 2016

    Mental Health First Aid Courses 2016

  • BFG Text Messaging


  • Snow and ice clearance

    Householders are responsible for clearing snow and ice from all footpaths adjoining their property out to 1.20m as follows:

    By 7am or 9am at weekends.

    In a short time after snowfall ceases during daylight hours.

    During absence it is occupant’s responsibility to arrange snow and ice clearance by either a friend/neighbour or contractor.

    If there is no footpath occupants are required to clear snow from the edges of the property to the middle of the road.

  • DVSA UK Theory Testing in BFG

    Are you a dependant, UK based civilian or soldier who would like to take a DVSA UK Theory Test without having to travel back to the UK to do so? Now this can be done at the Sennelager Driver Training Centre, for the following prices:

    Car Theory Test – £23

    Motorcycle Theory Test – £23

    LGV and Bus Multiple Choice – – £26

    LGV and Bus Hazard Perception – £11

    To find out more call Pat Kiely on 05254 982 2864.

  • Safety and Security

    You may be aware from the media of recent alleged attacks, sexual assaults and thefts made on women by men of predominantly North African or Middle Eastern appearance in Köln and other major cities in Germany on New Year’s Eve.

    These attacks are of course being taken very seriously by the German authorities who are thoroughly investigating the incidents as well as reviewing their policing operations and manning levels.

    Members of our community are understandably concerned by this turn of events not least as similar attacks, albeit on a much smaller scale, have been reported by the German media as having taken place in Bielefeld and Paderborn.  

    It is important to stress that there is no information or intelligence to suggest that our community is at a higher risk than the local German community.

  • Operation Big Brew Up in Bielefeld


  • Blue Book Months


  • Weekly CTP Drop-In service

    A drop-In service from the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) is available for Service leavers on Tuesdays to talk to an expert about job applications and interview techniques, to review CVs, discuss career options and training courses and more.

    Call in to 51 AEC on Princess Royal Barracks and the Resettlement Room in RHQ 26 Regt RA, Mansergh Barracks.

    For more information call 05254 982 5448 or Mil 79 5448.

  • Musical Madness at King's School


  • Support for Spouses


  • Library Opening Times – Gütersloh Station

    Princess Royal Barracks

    Monday 8.30am – 3pm

    Tuesday 8.30am – 3pm

    Wednesday 8.30am – 3pm

    Thursday 8.30am – 3pm

    Friday 8.30am – 12.30pm


    Mansergh Barracks

    Monday 9am – 1pm

    Tuesday 9am – 1pm

    Wednesday 9am – 1pm

    Thursday 9am – 1pm

    Friday 9am - 1pm


    Bielefeld/Catterick Barracks

    Monday 8.30am – 1pm

    Tuesday 8.30am – 1pm

    Wednesday 8.30am – 3.30pm

    Thursday 8.30am – 1pm

    Friday Closed

  • HIVE opening times in January

    Mansergh Barracks

    Monday 9am – 1pm

    Wednesday 9am – 1pm

    Friday 9am – 1pm

    Princess Royal Barracks

    Tuesday 9am –1pm

    Thursday 9am – 1pm

  • The Home-Start Christmas story

    Thanks to the British community’s generosity, every child in the Gilead hospital in Bielefeld received a Christmas giftIn December, the Gütersloh Station Home-Start team, led by Lynn Thompson, organised three wonderful holiday events for children in the local area.

    On the programme was a mobile Santa’s Sleigh (the first for Gütersloh Station), a station-wide children’s Christmas party, and the donation of Christmas gifts, and several very British Christmas hampers to the children and nurses of the Paediatric Ward at Bielefeld’s Gilead Hospital.  

  • Rugby friendly in Bad Lippspringe

    Rhineland leaders RC Gasthof Essen with a pre-season friendly on Saturday, January 23, kick-off at 1pm at the Bad Lippspringe sports pitches.

    All are welcome to come along and enjoy a friendly game of rugby.

    Full details at:

  • Volunteers needed at Home-Start Paderborn

    HomeStartHome-Start’s simple approach is to offer the support of one trained volunteer to a parent who is facing difficulties and usually has one child under five.

    The friendship, practical and emotional support provided by a volunteer in the family’s own home, enables parents to cope with the pressures they are facing and reduces the potential for family crisis and breakdown.

  • Military Wives Choir Paderborn – Newbie Night

    Newbie Night – January 20

    Do you enjoy singing? Are you new to the garrison? Or have you been here a while and fancy a social evening out to find out more about the choir?

    Why not come and join the ladies of the Paderborn Military Wives Choir for their newbie night on Wednesday, January 20 at 7.30pm in St Peter’s Church, Barker Barracks.

  • Spring term at 51 AEC

    The new term for recreational and vocational courses at 51 Army Education Centre is fast approaching and the timetables and brochures are available now.

    Spring term runs from now until March 18 and 25 courses are planned in Gütersloh and Bielefeld. There is something for everyone from languages to sewing, maths to first aid.

    Course information is available at the Welfare Office, HIVEs and the Education Centre on Princess Royal Barracks, Gütersloh. You can also find us on Facebook at ‘Gutersloh AEC’ or the ‘51 AEC – Courses’ group. Alternatively, contact the PCDL Coordinator directly by email: or tel: 05241 84 3414.

    Enrole at Bielefeld JB’s Restaurant, Catterick Barracks, on Thursday, January 14, 11.30am–1.30pm.

  • Learn how to ...


  • Health visitor at Home-Start

    GT-HomeStartThe health visitor will be on hand for a weigh-in clinic for your baby on alternate Tuesdays, from 9.30am and 11.30am, on:

    January 19 and February 2

    Come along and join us and let the children play. A private room is also available for breast feeding.

    For more information contact the health visitor on 05241 84 2696.

    Home-Start Bielefeld, Block 26C, Catterick Barracks, BFPO 39. Tel: 0521 9254 3121 or Mil (81) 3121. Email:

  • What’s on in the Gütersloh area

    Bielefeld: Handmade – exhibition of creative arts and handicrafts, January 30/31, from 10am, at the Stadthalle. Entrance €7.

    Halle: Chinese National Circus, January 30, 7pm, at the Gerry-Weber-Stadion. Tickets from €36.90.

    Bielefeld: Sinatra & Friends – Songs from the Rat Pack, February 9, 8pm, at the Stadthalle. Tickets from €47.50.

    Halle: Boxing – Marco Huck v Victor Emilio Ramirez or Ola Afolabi, February 27, 7pm, at the Gerry-Weber-Stadion. Tickets from €37.

    Halle: ABBA The Show – the biggest Abba tribute show in the world, March 4, 7pm, at the Gerry-Weber-Stadion. Tickets from €39.90.

    Halle: A-ha, April 19, 7pm, at the Gerry-Weber-Stadion. Tickets from €53.90.

    Bielefeld: International Marching Band Festival, April 23, 3.30pm, at the Seidensticker Halle. Tickets from €33,

  • Big salute, big success

    Dressed up and raring to go: soldiers and civilians in Gütersloh get ready for the ZumbathonGütersloh Station has been busy supporting the BFBS Big Salute, with two events that together have raised €758 for the five Forces charities. 

    To kick-off the fund-raising, local dance and Zumba teacher, Caitlin Hillson, and BFBS radio presenter, Aimee Dewitt, organised a three-hour long Zumbathon event, in the Princess Royal Barracks gym.

    “It was a joint idea between Aimee and myself,” said Caitlin. 

    “I am new to Army life and the area, so I really wanted to get involved with the community and raise some money for the Forces charities.” 

  • Battle with the bottle

    Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in English in Bielefeld

    A helping hand: If you need help with a drinking problem contact AA or turn up at one of their regular meetingsAn English-speaking Alcoholics Anonymous group has been formed in Bielefeld to support those who have a battle with the bottle.

    The meeting place has been registered with AA and details of the address can be found on the fellowship’s website under

    “It’s a fellowship of people who come together to share their problems, with the aim of supporting one another to stay sober,” said the Bielefeld spokesman, who registered the local group with AA and is not affiliated with BFG.

    “If you are British and have a drinking problem, you may feel isolated and alone in Germany. Language can be an issue, so I thought I’d start a support group in the area where I live, where we can speak about our addiction in English.”

  • Sparkasse bank accounts

    Please be aware that as of January 1 all military personnel, dependants, civilian staff and NAAFI employees, who wish to open a Sparkasse bank account, must now also take their National Insurance number.

    You will not be able to open an account without the following documents: Passport, ID card and National Insurance number.

  • The HIVE Blog

    Whether you live in Brunssum, SHAPE or BFG, you are likely to have seen that the HIVE is now blogging. So, what does this mean?

    The HIVEs have stopped producing the weekly e-newsletters that were delivered to your email accounts. The newsletters were great, but they could be lengthy and at times it was difficult to find the information that was pertinent to you. 

    The new HIVE blog means that you get all that information and more.

  • Moving back to the UK this year?

    Start planning now and steal some extra time to enjoy your final months in Germany. The HIVE On the Move booklet has checklists and advice to help make your transition run smoothly.

    We are networked to partner HIVEs in the UK – and all over the world – so can provide you with HIVE information about your new community, so pop in to your local HIVE today.

  • A woman on a mission

    Lt Col Lucy Giles RLC, New College Commander Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS)For the first time in its history New College at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst (RMAS) has a woman at the helm. 

    Lt Col Lucy Giles is responsible for the delivery of two thirds of the regular commissioning course, preparing  young British Army officers for their first commands in their chosen regiments.

    Lt Col Giles’s 24-year military career has come full circle having commissioned into the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) from the Camberley-based academy’s last female full company of officers in August 1992. It is a role 46-year-old Lucy feels very privileged to hold.

  • Woman on a mission

  • Christmas tree collection – January 9

    Christmas trees will be collected in Harsewinkel and Marienfeld on Saturday, 9 January.

    The trees are to be placed outside the houses, clearly visible and have a label with the name. They will be collected during the day.

    The town administration pointed out that this is a voluntary service carried out by various associations who would welcome a donation.

  • Ex-soldier spices up Paderborn

    Things are hotting up in Paderborn now that a former Army Serviceman has established a curry house serving authentic Anglo-Indian cuisine.

    Ready to serve – the team at Tandoori Delights, from left: Buta Singh, Rajat Chundok, Klaudia Sierka and Tanuj BuggaWhen Tanuj Bugga first saw the cathedral city in 2006 as a Rifleman, he knew he wanted to stay and share something dear to him with the locals – his passion for Indian food.

    At the time he was serving with 5 RIFLES, and savouring the idea of owning a restaurant. Some 10 years later, he has just celebrated the first anniversary of the opening of Tandoori Delights near the city centre.

    Bugga, as he is known, says his eatery is the real deal when it comes to popular dishes like chicken tikka masala, rogan josh and pork vindaloo. 

  • 6 Regt RLC Rebasing Brief – January 13

    Family Rebasing Briefing – Wednesday, January 13, 5pm

    Following the visit by North Yorkshire Authorities and supporting agencies last June, the regiment will be organising a number of briefings for soldiers and their families.