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  • Star of the street

    Meet the man behind the incredible Christmas house that sparkles with 450,000 lights – Rolf Vogt – whose house in Calle, Lower Saxony has lit up the street in the run-up to Christmas for the past 17 years.

  • €150m aid package for returning migrants launched

    Germany has pledged to spend €150 million helping migrants return home, the minister of development said in an interview published on December 9.

    The aid fund will benefit both failed asylum seekers and migrants who choose to return to their home countries.

  • Best bargains at new Thrift Shop

    The Paderborn Station Thrift Shop has reopened its doors following a relocation and refurbishment. 

    The shop was opened on Friday, December 9 by the Station Commander, Lt Col Mateer, pictured (right) with Stephanie Fender, the Thrift Shop manager, Victoria Grinsell and Vera Allen.

  • Anglo-German celebration of Christmas

    The awe-inspiring Paderborn Cathedral hosted the annual Anglo-German Carol Service on December 8. With a history spanning more than a thousand years, the breathtaking venue was the perfect location for the occasion.  

    The congregation celebrated the Nine Lessons and Carols, which originated in 1918 when Eric Milner-White, the newly appointed Dean of King’s College Cambridge, planned the service after his experience as an Army chaplain convinced him that the Church of England needed more imaginative worship.

  • Christmas - A time for taking

    As well as a time for giving, Christmas can also be a time for taking. 

    Thieves know that there are many easy targets as people are distracted by the festivities and give little thought to their safety or that of their property. 

    Here is a list of some of the simple things that you can do to keep safe during the festive season – nothing spoils the spirit of Christmas faster than being a victim of crime. 

  • More festive food tips from the FSA Freezer Fairy

    With the big day just days away, here are some handy hints from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) on how to prepare the Christmas turkey and reduce food waste from leftovers.

    Preparing your turkey

    Cooking in advance: Cooking your turkey in advance could save you getting stressed out on the day and give you more time with your family and friends. Once your turkey is cooked and cooled, slice and then batch it into portions to store in the freezer. You can then take out what you need when you need it. Just remember that meat previously cooked and frozen should only be reheated once.

  • Avoid snowballing costs

    Make sure you have your winter sports insurance cover

    Despite the lack of snow in BFG it is the time of year where many of us eagerly scan our weather apps for snow conditions as our winter holiday approaches. 

    While travelling outside of Germany on a private journey BFG Health Service is not responsible for your medical care.

    So, as you plan your break and compare resorts, flights et cetera you should not neglect the most important factor – your winter sports insurance cover.

  • Festive forest

    In the small town of Rinteln, one couple has pulled out all the stops when it comes to their Christmas decorations.

    From the outside, Thomas and Susanne Jeromine’s house does not look out of the ordinary, with only a few modest decorations, but inside, it’s packed to the rafters with Christmas trees – 110 in all – crammed into the 105m2 of space.

  • ‘Oil’ be home for Christmas

    After an almighty effort, a red squirrel was freed from a manhole cover after its hefty hips got it into a spot of bother.

    Animal rescue services in München were called to the scene last week by passers-by who found the little rodent stuck tight and unable to escape.

    Rescuers first greased the little fella up with olive oil, but that failed to do the trick, with his hips bulging out underneath the hole.

  • Merkel re-elected as CDU party leader

    Chancellor Angela Merkel was re-elected as leader of the CDU at the party conference on December 6, meaning she will be their chancellor candidate at next year’s election.

    Merkel received 89.5 per cent of the votes from the 1,000 delegates who were present at the conference in Essen. The vote secures her a further two years as leader of the party.