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  • Demonstrations in Bielefeld – July 30

    There is a demonstration and march planned to take place in Bielefeld on Saturday, July 30 which is expected to attract approximately 5,000 persons from the Kurdish Yazidi community.
    Where/When. The demonstration is planned to assemble at 1400 hrs at the corner of Voltmannstrasse/Universitätsstrasse near the university campus and then march to the town hall via Wertherstrasse and Stapenhorststrasse, where speeches are to be held. Following the speeches the march will then proceed to Kesselbrink where the demonstration is planned to end.
    Why. This march has been planned to coincide with the second anniversary of the attack carried out by the ‘so called Islamic state’ against the Kurdish Yazidi people on the town of Shingal in northern Iraq.
    Advice. Please expect at least a 15 minute delay to public transport. The GCP will erect road blocks and control checkpoints from 1300 hrs. The disruption is likely to continue to 2000 hrs. Given the possibility of confrontation at the demonstration posed by those opposing the march, BFG personnel are advised to avoid the area where possible. The community is also reminded of the potential for other impromptu or counter demonstrations for which there might be little or no warning. Any incidents should be reported to the Service Police
  • HELLP Syndrome nearly killed me

    Yvonne Neely, 33 weeks pregnant with twins in 2012I had never heard of HELLP syndrome before I gave birth to my boys back in the UK, and my knowledge of pre-eclampsia was somewhat lacking.

    I had no idea what symptoms to look out for and I completely missed the warning signs that I had this life-threatening condition. 

    Looking back on it now, all the signs of HELLP syndrome were there: headaches, nausea, abdominal and chest tenderness (upper right side pain caused by liver distention), shoulder pain, pain when breathing, changes in vision, swelling, high blood pressure and protein in the urine. 

  • Zwing-er by Dresden

    View of Dresden Altstadt with the Frauenkirche on the leftDresden’s distinctive skyline has long been a draw to visitors, so why not travel east from BFG for a visit? Here are some suggestions from members of Sixth Sense’s staff who have visited this memorable city

    The historic centre of the capital of the state of Saxony, split by the mighty river Elbe, is full of fine architecture, elegant streets, shops and world-class museums, plus some more quirky spots. 

    There is a huge choice of places to eat in Dresden, from Michelin-starred restaurants, to atmospheric bierkellers and affordable cafés.

  • A very busy year

    DIO logoAs the Senior Facilities Manager for DIO Paderborn I am proud to share with you my team’s achievements over the past 12 months, carrying out works to support and improve the facilities you all use to live and work here in Paderborn Station. 

    I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your patience; and for assisting us to carry out the works by giving us access to your property or work space. 

    It has been a challenging year but we continue to dedicate ourselves to providing you, the customer, with the very best service we can. 

  • Diving into the past

    In a Skype conversation between two ex-members of the RAF Gütersloh Sub Aqua Club (GUTSAC 221), an idea was brought about to have a reunion.

    The group had come from all around the world for the reunion
    In May 2014 Campbell Allan and Paul Curzon discussed a reunion as it had been some 20 years since the last RAF personnel had left the camp in 1993 and RAF Gütersloh had been handed over to the Army to become the Princess Royal Barracks (PRB).

  • 5 RIFLES go the distance

    Four soldiers of 5th Battalion The Rifles (5 RIFLES) based at Alanbrooke Barracks in Paderborn chose a physically exerting method of travelling to the regiment’s new home in Bulford this week.

    And they’re off. The four leave Alanbrooke Barracks for the last time
    Lt Maddan, WO2 Gornall, Sgt Simpson and Rfn White are making the 840km trip to Ward Barracks by using purely pedal power, with the hope of getting to their destination by tomorrow having started on Monday morning.

    The four men of 5 RIFLES not only embarked on Ex Swift Homecoming to mark the closure of the barracks but also to raise money for two charities: Care for Casualties and Help for Heroes.

  • Doggy cool

    Dogs and handlers from 102 Military Working Dog Squadron completing tactical live firing training British Army working dogs have been given goggles, boots and ear protectors to keep them safe while doing their vital work in harsh environments.

    The new personal protection equipment for military working dogs was tested during tactical training of 102 Military Working Dog Squadron, based in Sennelager.

  • Think small

    Hamburg’s Köhlbrand Bridge at nightGermany's smallest airport opened in 2012 in the town of Knuffigen – but you won’t find it on a map. 

    That’s because the fictional place is part of Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg’s most popular family tourist attraction.

    The permanent exhibition houses the world’s largest model railway and is located alongside the River Elbe in the Speicherstadt, the historical warehouse district in the heart of Hamburg. 

  • Getting down and dirty at IMM

    Teamwork is essential on the the assault courseThe 33rd International Mönchengladbach Military Competition (IMM) took place in torrential rain and ended with a team of four German reservists from Marbach in the state of Hessen winning the event.

    In the oldest regularly held contest of its kind in Europe, two teams from Denmark took second and third places in the competition that was held on June 18-19.

  • A bitter-sweet farewell

    Sophie, Countess of Wessex visits troops and families of 5 RIFLES in Paderborn for their final parade marking the battalion’s departure from GermanyTHE Countess of Wessex visited 5th Battalion The Rifles in Paderborn last Friday (July 1) as the battalion marked its departure from Germany with a farewell parade.

    Looking resplendent in an aqua blue dress with matching hat, Sophie joined members of 5 RIFLES and their families at Alanbrooke Barracks to say a heartfelt goodbye to the cathedral city.

    The Countess, the wife of Prince Edward, inspected and addressed the troops in the final parade to be held by an Army unit at the camp – the battalion’s home for the past 14 years.

    The royal visitor called the occasion a “bitter-sweet moment” due to the many friendships that have been made between the host country and its British guests.