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  • German Cultural Awareness Day – September 14, 2016


  • Cinelink in September – Bielefeld

    The following films will be showing at the Bielefeld Cinema Club, Community Multipurpose Room, Block 26c, Catterick Barracks in September:

    September 4, 3.30pm – Finding Dory (U). Stars: Albert Brooks, Ellen DeGeneres

    September 11, 6.30pm – Suicide Squad (15). Stars: Jared Leto, Will Smith

    September 18, 6.30pm – Jason Bourne (12A). Stars: Matt Damon, Alicia Vikander

    September 25, 6.30pm – Star Trek: Beyond (12A). Stars: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto

    October 2, 3.30pm – Pete’s Dragon (PG). Stars: Bryce Dallas Joward, Robert Redford

    More information at:

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  • Dodgy diet pills: Dying to lose weight?

    Beware of the dangers of buying dodgy diet pills onlineA campaign has been launched aimed at young adults warning of the dangers of buying dodgy diet pills online.

    FakeMeds aims to warn would-be slimmers against paying for dangerous or useless products sold by illegal online suppliers.

    Thousands of pills and potions promising miracle results are bought over the summer months as holidaymakers look for shortcuts to beach-ready bodies – with women aged 18-30 most likely to buy.

    After handing over bank details, many receive bottles of tablets packed with dangerous or useless ingredients. Nasty side effects can include heart attacks, strokes – and in extreme cases, death.

  • Want to learn new skills or start a new hobby? You can with 41 AEC

    41 AEC have put together a programme of courses which will be offered for the autumn term, starting this month. Sign up next week and broaden your horizons.


    To enrol either call into Paderborn AEC or go along to one of the enrolment sessions:

    Tuesday, September 6, 10am–2pm, JB’s Bielefeld Station

    Wednesday, September 7, 10am–2pm, Paderborn Community Hub/NAAFI MAX

    Thursday, September 8, 10am–2pm, JB’s Barker Bks

    Friday, September 9, 10am–1.30pm, JB’s Mansergh Bks

    All courses are free for serving military personnel. On completion of the course, all dependants are entitled to a 25% refund on their course fees (receipts required) for all PCDL courses.

  • Boarding school and university students

    Congratulations and well done to those of you who have recently received your exam results!

    Below is a short list of things that first time boarding school and university students may wish to think about before leaving British Forces Germany (BFG).

    The below is aimed specifically at entitled dependant children under 25 years of age.

  • QRH Coffee Mornings – Car Wash

    QRH Coffee Mornings Car Wash

  • Sole survivor

    Proud artisan – Cobbler Tony Northern who now works from home offering a soft wax service by handSeasoned shoemaker Tony Northern took a shining to the art of cobbling decades ago.

    Indeed, the septuagenarian and former soldier knows everything about getting boots, shoes and belts to look their brightest for parades.

    After serving the Forces community in Germany for 33 years as the Garrison Cobbler, Tony has recently moved his business to his home in Borchen, a 40-minute drive from Paderborn.

  • Summer in the city

    Enjoy the view at km 689 Beach Club in KölnFor a late summer mini-break, why not enjoy big city life from a leisurely new perspective on one of Germany’s urban beaches?

    Germany’s cities don’t just boast countless attractions and exciting nightlife, they also offer pure, unadulterated relaxation. 

    On top of a building high above the city’s rooftops, or on a riverbank or lake shore, you’ll discover perfect places to chill out and where you can still enjoy life’s little luxuries. 

  • I scream, you scream, we all scream for...

    Rob Miller mans the BFBS ice cream van with happy customer BeckyTuttleThere are not many jobs where you are guaranteed to have every customer smile at you; however running the BFBS ice-cream van must be one of those jobs.

    Chris Pratt, BFBS Ice-Cream ops, initially got involved in running the ice-cream van back in 2010, after BFBS’s Nicky Ness spoke to him about a new initiative.

    Whitby Morrison, Europe’s leading soft ice-cream van manufacturer, were looking for a new charity to donate a van to for their annual campaign. 

  • Veterans find sea-renity

    Veterans taking part in the official expedition, Turn to Starboard Round Britain Challenge, have successfully completed the adventure with a day to spare. 

    The three-strong fleet spent just short of two months sailing around Britain
    In early June, a team of 38 veterans challenged their minds and bodies by sailing 2,000 miles around the British Isles, a feat they completed ahead of the two month schedule.