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Whats on in Paderborn

  • Showing a bit of Classica

    Techno-Classica Essen is the largest car show in the world dedicated to classic automobiles. 

    With more than 1,250 exhibitors from over 30 nations, the 29th show, which takes place from April 5-9, is the number one international classic car show. 

    With lavishly produced presentations from more than 25 German and international car manufacturers, the event this year will be taking a step back in time deliving a history of car making from 1882 to the present day. 

  • Easter Egg Hunt, Bielefeld

    Please note that the Easter Egg Hunt at the Bielefeld Community Support on Catterick Barracks will be held on Sunday, April 2, and not on April 3 as shown in this week's issue of Sixth Sense.

  • A fab anniversary

    A Beatles exhibition will be held in Ascherleben from March 19 to May 14 in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Fab Four’s seminal records, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and the Magical Mystery Tour. The latter is also a cult film.

    1967 was the summer of love and brought about huge changes in people’s lives and in the Beatles’ music.

  • Come and join us!

  • Two-headed rattlesnake adds bite to Rostock Zoo

    The non venomous rattlesnake can live for up to 20 years and enjoys a diet of mice and ratsVisitors to Rostock Zoo are in for a rare treat – they can now view the spectacle of a snake with two heads.

    The rattlesnake was put on show in an enclosure in the zoo’s monkey house on Wednesday, although It was born in June 2015 and is already 65cm long and around 65 grams in weight.

    “The snake eats independently and catches food with both heads, but only eats with
    one,” curator Antje Zimmermann said.

    As well as two heads, the snake also has two air and food passages which join further inside its body. In every other respect the animal only has one organ.

    “This is a biological rarity which is very occasionally seen,” Zimmerman said.

    The reason for the phenomenon is that the fertilized egg only splits partially.

    She added: “Depending on where the process stops, the result can be two heads, as with our snake.”

  • 20,000 join Easter marches

    A spokesman for the central Easter Marches office in Frankfurt said that nationwide there were about 80 different related demonstrations and gatherings to promote peaceful resolution to conflict. Pictured: the march in Berlin on SundayThousands of pacifists took to the streets across Germany over the Easter weekend to demonstrate against war and for a more welcoming refugee policy.

    The rallies were first held during the Cold War to protest the buildup of atomic weapons.

    Around 60 anti-war Easter marches and vigils were reported from all over Germany, although 80 were planned according to the ‘Friedenskooperative’ (Peace Cooperative) network.

  • Safer trip

    The Mitteldeutsche Regiobahn private train operator has caused a storm of controversy with its offer for solo-travelling women and single mums to sit together. 

    The offer is just for the line travelling between Leipzig and Chemnitz in eastern Germany and is optional rather than mandatory, according to German media.

    Each train along this line will have two optional seating areas for women and travelling mothers.

    Media groups speculated that the new offer is a response to the mass reports of sexual assaults against women in Köln and elsewhere, but the company insists that the section for female travellers is simply in line with what other rail operators have already offered for some time.

  • Extra defence spending won’t be enough

    A planned €10.2 billion increase in defence spending agreed by ministers on March 23 won’t be enough to modernise the German army, soldiers have warned.

    “This is about nothing less than maintaining Germany’s ability to act on its security policy,” André Wüstner, head of the Bundeswehrverband (army union) said last Thursday.

    Wüstner says that the army needs at least €18.5 billion over the coming four years, almost double what the cabinet agreed on Wednesday.

  • Hundreds gather to mark Germanwings crash anniversary

    Some 600 people gathered in a tiny village in the French Alps on Thursday to mark one year since their loved ones died when a Germanwings co-pilot deliberately crashed his plane into the mountainside.

    The private ceremony in the village of Le Vernet began with the reading of the names of the 149 victims in front of a headstone erected in their memory, followed by a minute of silence at 0941 GMT, the exact time of the crash.

    A wreath was then laid at the local cemetery where the remains of the victims were buried.

  • Germany News in Brief - March 31, 2016

    Driver dies in fiery crash on A2

    BIELEFELD – The driver of a UK-registered Ford Transit died on March 24 after a two-vehicle crash on the A2 near Bielefeld.

    According to the German police, the incident happened between Bielefeld and Gütersloh at about 5am.

    The Ford was travelling in the direction of Dortmund when it was in collision with a truck towing a trailer. The van caught fire in the accident and its driver suffered fatal injuries.

    The passenger in the van was injured but was able to escape from the burning vehicle, and was taken to a nearby hospital by ambulance. According to Bild newspaper, both driver and passenger were Polish. 

    The truck driver, aged 27, was taken to a Gütersloh hospital suffering from shock.

    Police estimated the damage at €72,000.